(1.2) This guy

By Lilian van Ooijen

Before we continue with the story of the ambitious women in the fashion institute, I would like to introduce you to a guy named P. His full name is Pepper, but he’s feeling more comfortable when you just call him ‘P.’

When you ask P. why he likes to be called this way, he explains this as a love for short names. Pepper Junior was the name his mom gave to him. That was too long for the short name lover. P. is not only in love with short names. Everything short and small, he adores.

You might understand now why he is wearing shorts every day. Luckily, he lives in Miami, so there is no need for trousers. He also has his hair short. That suits him well, is his opinion. Short skirts at a woman’s body, he likes too. With his sun tanned hands he likes to touch the skirt, whenever there is an occasion.

Today his hair is looking better than ever. He just looked in the mirror and smiled at his own reflection. ‘What a handsome guy I am’, he thought. ‘My girlfriend is not pretty enough for me. I deserve better’, went through his mind while washing his hands. You can call it a coincidence but he had just touched a short skirt. P. was raised well so after the opportunity of touching, he always stayed focused. ‘First washing hands’, he knew. And so he did. When the hands where clean and dry, he touched the little bow tie he was wearing today. He was never wearing pink, but because of how it sounded, he felt like he had to try it at least once. P., wearing p. In his mind this was a sentence almost too good to be true. People would be amazed by it.

Today was a special day. He had been invited to a film event. It was the premiere of a new film in town and his best friend Fresh worked for it as a runner. Although he never watched movies, he was happy to attend. After a long day of surfing and carrying on his heavy board to better beaches, he was ready to be served small cocktails, not big ones, of course. He didn’t invite his girlfriend Shana to the party. She would have said no, he assumed easily. And that did not bother him at all. Now he had the change to meet lots of available women in sexy tiny outfits.

To be continued..

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