(1.1) Two ambitious women

By Lilian van Ooijen

It all started with these two women. They were in there early thirties. As the time went by, their lives got busier and busier. The main reason for this was found at the company they both worked for. They were two very ambitious women, so almost five years ago, they made a plan for themselves to become the best, in the most famous fashion corporation they knew.
FullSizeRenderThey called it their duty to work there. Although the beginning was not so easy. The big boss, Miss Glitter, didn’t like the woman you see on the right. Her name is Fruity Estelle. She always has been very confident about herself, and Miss Glitter found it hard to ignore. Miss Glitter was a woman with pride, a woman who made a name for herself and was not allowing anyone else to do the same. After a few months it was clear that it didn’t matter what she heard out of the mouth of the young woman, she instantly responded with a ‘no’ or a face which spoke the same language. For Fruity, the woman you see on the right, that was a bitter pill. She was so excited about her new job and full of dreams of what see could become and now this lady was doing nothing but shit to her. At a point she didn’t knew how to escape from this endless road of negativity. In that picticular week, Bessy arrived as a new member of the team.

Bessy, the other woman in the picture above, was a very tiny woman who just moved to New York. She was married to a farmer and decided to leave him for this job. She had no interest in taking over the whole company, and that catched the eye of Miss Glitter. A feeling of relieve was taking over, and the stressful period that had passed for the boss went away. Bessy was a cheerful person, who loved to get coffee for everyone in the office. When Bessy gave coffee, Miss Glitter couldn’t resist to smile back to the kindness that was giving to her. But she only smiled when other people got their coffee. It was a bridge to far to show the smile at the time Bessy could notice it.

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