(1.3) Miss Glitter at home

By Lilian van Ooijen

This is Miss Glitter in her natural habitat. As you can see, she’s not wearing any glitters today. That’s the thing about Miss Glitter, when she is at home, she minimizes the glitter to a hairpin or a nail polish. She doesn’t deserve that name 24/7.

At home see is even kind of boring. She does the dishes all day long because she doesn’t want to spend money on a dish washer. Miss Glitter her husband want’s to read stuff every day of the year. She never reeds. When he’s reading one of his newspapers, he drinks a lot. Everything with sugar, he likes. What he likes, he want’s again.

He only drinks out of clean cups. So now you understand Miss Glitter her activities. The man always found himself in a big chair in the living room and keeps Miss Glitter quiet, because every time she speaks one or two words, he barks like a dog. They don’t even have a dog. Because Miss Glitter isn’t allowed to. She once had a poodle, but one day, the small curly dog just disappeared.

Miss Glitter searched for the dog in the garden all afternoon and asked her neighbors – who she never speak to before – but the two people in front of her didn’t like to give her an answer. In fact, they knew the answer. And the answer was not so sweet. One day, a man took the poodle with him in his car, when the neighbor was just putting his garbage out. The little animal started peeping but the man quickly shut his doors and drove away with a technique that could blow away grannies on the street. Blissfully all the grannies in the area where watching their favorite tv-show at that moment. The dog was pretty excited in the car. So excited that he spread some of his beloved fluid on the leather back seat.

The dog didn’t knew it back then, but it was his last pee. The poodle looked through the window: it was raining cats and dogs outside. The driver didn’t care about the weather. For him, the sun was already almost shining again. There were too many of them, he felt. So one of them had to leave. He stopped the car at the Brooklyn Bridge and walked with the shaking dog in his arms to the water. He didn’t even knew the name of the creature he carried. So he said: “Come fellow, swim”. And he dropped the dog into the river. The man couldn’t see the difference between a goldfish and a dog, it was really sad, for both of them. He thought it would be okay now, so he turned his back to the swimming poodle, and drove back home in his wet car.

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