(1.4) The shoot

Shoot Now you know about Miss Glitter, and her fake glittering life, you might wonder why she is called a ‘miss’ although she is married. I will explain to you.

It happened on a monday. It had been a very busy day.  They were doing a cover shoot for a mens brand at the office. It was 5 o’clock P.M. and everyone was tired. They all wanted to go home, including the boy models. So Miss Glitter called her husband. She said: “Darling, please pick me up tonight. It is a late and I’m starving. We can eat some pizza.” During that last words she was whispering.
Because she didn’t want her colleagues to know about her unhealthy meal. In a office with beautiful people with the greatest looks of New York, it was an unwritten rule to only speak of healthy, skinny foods. Because of course they al knew that this was the only way to get a gorgeous body. Bodies like the models had, which they all saw every month while flipping through the pages of their own magazine.

An hour later, the husband arrived. He had some other business to do first, that got more priority. He also hated it to pick her up at her work. So he assumed that if he would show up late, she wouldn’t ask him soon again. It was his best strategy for the things he couldn’t say no to. In the beginning of their relationship, he actually said ‘no’, but he learned that this was causing more trouble in the long run.

When he arrived at the big building which had more than one company in it, he looked at the gold Rolex Submariner watch on his arm. It was 6 P.M. and he made a promise to himself. He spoke to his watch a few words. He said: “Dear watch. You and me are going to spend less than twenty minutes in the building in front of us.” He placed his left foot behind him and started bending a little bit. With the energy of a young kid he quickly started to walk the stairs towards the entrance after shouting: “Go!”. No one heard him, because everyone was watching their phone or had a conversation with it.

At the same time, Miss Glitter was doing something energetic. She was learning one of the boy models how to give a good massage to a girl. That was how it started. It was an educational activity from her point of view. For miss Glitter was learning her staff and everyone in the building some of her great talents, the best way to mark how indispensable she really was. But it all got a little out of hand. The boy model asked her to undress, because he couldn’t take notice of her words without feeling what he was doing. Miss Glitter accepted the offer and saw it as true interest in her learning material. After a few minutes, Miss Glitter admitted that she liked what she felt. This boy model wasn’t such a freshman in the whole massage activity. Or she was just so marvelous in teaching. She liked to believe the last option. Miss Glitter was sitting in a wooden chair in the middle of the empty office and the boy was standing behind her. Miss Glitter was only wearing her panties. She had never been afraid of showing some naked body. She grew up half-naked. So she was just so used to it. She also found it overrated how other people looked at this matter.

The two of them where for some reason the only members of the team at that point. Actually, only Miss Glitter was. For the pleasure that was given to her Miss Glitter decided to give the boy model a small kiss on his mouth. Just to be kind. You can imagine, this wasn’t the best time for the husband to arrive. But it was the exact time.

To be continued…

Picture: FashionistaKen

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