(1.5) How Mrs became Miss

In the previous chapter we found out that Miss Glitter was taking joy out of the massage from a boy model. Miss Glitter her husband just came to the office, and arrived at a very bad time. Miss Glitter was just giving the boy a small kiss. She was wearing less than she was during the day. Only  panties covered her body.


ColleaguesThe husband opened the door and saw the two people sitting. It was the kitchen area of the office. They didn’t saw him, because they were too much into each other at that time. He looked, got angry and quickly left the room. ‘That SLUT’, he said after closing the door.

The boy model explored another part of Miss Glitters body, while Miss Glitter was watching her nail polish. She spoke to herself: ‘This nailpolish is looking so good. I’m such a representative person. People really love what I do and how I look. I can learn people so much. Even the boy model is able to learn from my teachings. I’m such a successful woman’. She could speak many more words to herself. But for now, this was enough. She started to pay more attention to what the boy was doing with his hands. She had a lovely time. Nothing in her mind was thinking about the appointment she made with her husband. But she cared less. Her husband was a good thing, but she only accidentally thought of him when he wasn’t around. When people asked her, for example.

Unexpected visitors
Suddenly, the door opened again and it was making more noise this second time. Three of Miss Glitter her colleagues were standing in the door opening, together with her husband. Miss Glitter looked behind and saw the four people standing in the room. She didn’t knew exactly who they were. She never paid much attention to people in the building. In her eyes, they all looked the same. And because she aimed to be one of the best bosses, there was no urge for her to take interest in others. She would knew it, if they were important. She was what she called ‘a simple boss’. Not a boss who would give many chances to her staff. In her opinion, everyone was best in the position they once applied for. If they where not happy in their jobs anymore, the could leave and find another job elsewhere. It was the most easy way of leading a company, she discovered.

Naked and thirsty
“Oh hey”, Miss Glitter responded to the new visitors. “Fancy some coffee? I’m thirsty”, she asked while rising up out of the chair. “Where is my dress?”

The boy model responded: “On the ground.” Miss Glitter picked it up and the model started to walk to the coffee machine. There was nothing better he could think off at the moment.

The husband (the one with grey hair in the picture) couldn’t handle the situation. “Don’t play games with me Alexandra”, he grumbled. “Don’t you have anything to say to me? You bitch!”, while saying this words, the other three grown ups where holding their tongue.

Ugly & single
“Please make coffee!” Miss Glitter screamed to the good looking model. “After all, it is still work time.” she added. Now she was wearing her dress again and walked to the four people who where standing there as frozen statues. “I see you wearing an ugly dress,” she said to one of the women. “Go cooking for your man, you are not fashionable enough to be here.”

“I don’t have a man,” the woman answered with a pale face. It was the woman with  red colored hair in the picture. The investigation started to be a bit uncomfortable for her. She thought she could be a part of a good gossip, when she heard about the story on the hall way, but now she didn’t knew anymore what was happening in this room.

“I like your dress, you are pretty,” the husband of miss Glitter responded to the pale woman, “let’s go cooking together in your place.” Miss Glitter her husband was a real tough one, nobody ever rejected one of his offers or needs.
So as we expected, the two people were leaving immediately. “You’re not my woman anymore Alexandra!”, the husband shouted to Miss Glitter, while he opened the door of the room with one hand en held the woman’s back with his other hand.

“What are you doing here if you don’t want any coffee?”, Miss Glitter said to the other woman. She still couldn’t understand the situation. People were creating so much drama. After all, the only thing she did was teaching a young model a good lesson he could count on the rest of his life. She was a good person, she thought.

Exotic corn snake
The other woman said: “Coffee is not good for your brain Mrs Glitter. I will tell everyone that you are misbehaving at work. You will learn your lesson.”
This was also a tough one. It was the blond woman you see in the picture above. But Miss Glitter didn’t felt any kind of fear:
“You are such a small person in this company, you little receptionist. You will never rise up as a star or anything important. Go feed your cat at home.”
This time, Miss Glitter knew who she was talking to, she thought. She remembered, there was a blond girl at the reception. But she was wrong. The blond woman didn’t felt the urge to tell her.
She said: “Yes I’m going to feed my exotic corn snake at home. I will see you again Mrs Glitter, for as long as you exist in this office.” Mrs Glitter watched the blond woman leave.

The last three
This was a good situation. All the meaningless people disappeared, and the boy model was still there, with fresh coffee. He hadn’t spoke a word the last couple of minutes. There was also a pretty man left, whom Miss Glitter had not known.
She became interested and decided to introduce herself to the man: “Hey, I’m Mrs Glitter”. She didn’t knew it back then, but this was the last time she would said ‘Mrs’. After this day, it became ‘Miss’.
The man said: “Hi, I’m Donny. And I think you are an attractive woman after all.”
“I think so too”, the boy model added.
“Well, well. That is good to hear. Let’s make this a beautiful evening for the three of us.”, Miss Glitter said. “Coffee?”, she asked. She smiled to the man in front of her. “Fancy a massage course?”

It became a lovely evening for all of them. Better than Miss Glitter expected at 5 P.M. that day.

Picture: CNN.com

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