(1.6) How Bessy and Fruity met

There is one thing about the two women Bessy and Fruity Estelle, you don’t know yet. They were not total strangers from each other before they became coworkers.

Bessy and FruityIt was July 1995 when they attend the same gym named ‘Superfit’, in their hometown Denver, Colorado. As you can see, there is more the two women had in common. Both were gracefully wearing a platinum blond look. Now you might wonder, what was first: the blond or the dark hair. We will keep it a secret. Bessy, 15, Fruity, 16 years old were very into sweating at that time. “I’d like to sweat,” Bessy often said.  “I’d like to become hot”, where words you could hear frequently out of Fruity her mouth. But do not be mistaken: they weren’t friends.

Safe and superfit
Superfit was a different kind of gym. It only allowed women. It was not a coincidence, that both parents recommended the gym to their daughters. It was a safe feeling, knowing that their hot-looking, fertile pupils couldn’t end up somewhere in the men’s dressing room with their legs wide spread in front of some muscular guy.

CarMariah Carey
On a sunny afternoon the young Fruity drove in her pink Fiat 500 to the gym. She had her best outfit with her and hoped she hadn’t forgotten anything. She was in a good mood, so she hummed her favorite song while she heard it through the speakers of her car’s stereo sound system. It was the song ‘Fantasy’ from her favorite artist Mariah Carey.

The first meet
Half an hour later, Fruity was ready for the lesson ‘Steps’. She was a little bit too early so she already sat down on the wooden floor of the dance room, waiting for the other participants to arrive. The first moment she saw Bessy she thought: “What a great kid! I love her hair!”. So Fruity decided to say ‘hello’ as soon as possible. As soon as possible became within a minute. But Bessy was not in a good mood. She just got her period and the guy she liked at high school wasn’t responding to her smiles. And to make things worst, her mom advised her to go to the gym today while she was eating chocolate chip cookies on the couch. Normally she appreciated a good workout, but when people started to force her, all the fun disappeared. But her dad offered her a ride, so eventually she said yes.

Luckily, the lesson started at that point so there was no time for Bessy to be unkind to Fruity. The two girls were getting sweaty a short time later, which they both loved. That improved Bessy’s mood.

Until something terrible happened. Bessy was not paying attention to the lesson, because she was daydreaming about the boy from school. Suddenly Fruity, who had chosen to stand as close as possible to the girl she liked, gave her an unintentional clap in the face.

The sneaky plan
Bessy started crying and went home immediately. Fruity found it a bit exorbitant. “She is overreacting,” Fruity told the teacher. “Are you two friends?”, the woman asked. “Yes,” Fruity lied. “Shall we visit her after the lesson, to see if she is alright?”, the teacher suggested. “Yes, great idea”, Fruity responded, “We can go with my pink car”. “That sounds lovely,” the kind teacher answered. And so they went. This was how Fruity found out where Bessy lived.

To be continued…

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