(1.8) What we know now

So what happened on The Fantasy Isle so far? We now know something about the following creatures:



Former farmers wife, works for a fashion company. Loves to serve her colleagues coffee. Not so kind back in the days.

Fruity Estelle
Pretty, self confident, ambitious, works for a fashion company. Works with Bessy.

Bessy & Fruity Estelle
Not only colleagues, they also went to the same gym in 1995. And, not to forget: they got into a fight. With each other? Yes.

Miss Glitter
Boss of the two ladies above, does not like Fruity, likes Bessy, secretly insecure, lost her dog, not afraid of showing her (naked) body, had some fun with a male model, does dishes in most of her private time. Oh and of course: she wears a lot of glitters. But only at work.

Miss Glitter her lost dog
Poodle. Small curly dog. Disappeared one day. Went swimming in the river.

Miss Glitter her husband
Might know about the lost dog, busy with himself, drinks many sweet drinks and always out of clean cups.

Neighbours Miss Glitter and husband
Know who kidnapped the dog before the dog’s swimming adventure.

The only one living outside of New York, looks good and find himself busy with his good looks, is also busy surfing the waves in Miami.

And now you might wonder where this is all going. Here’s the deal: we have not even started yet.

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