(2.1) Fruity Estelle and the boys

fruity estelle and the boys, the fantasy isle, fiction, barbiePhoto & story by Lilian van Ooijen

We haven’t discussed Fruity her relationship status yet. Let me tell you by this example. When I say “1995” and “Fruity Estelle and the boys”, Fruity knows exactly what I’m talking about: a number of approximately fifty fresh manly juniors, from Junior High.

Serious stuff
To be honest: the fight with Bessy had changed little Fruity Estelle a lot. She began to notice that people around her were more serious than she was about life. They were doing serious stuff and selecting their friends and lovers precisely. Fruity found that very overdone. Why should one doing that to make a life so complicated?

Lack of respect
But as a result: these people were not taking Fruity serious either. Fruity hated that. She did not want to have a certain fight again. The lack of respect Bessy showed her, was below the belt. She asked kindly for a friendship and she got not a single form of acceptable behavior back.

Fruity wanted to proof her identity. That way she could earn the respect she was hoping for in the first place.

Number 51
But acting the same as her intentions was in this stage of her life a hard task. Fruity was blessed with a lot of boys around her. It was full time pleasure for her, so it took her full time attention. Shortly after the fight with Bessy, boy Ball came into Fruity her life. Approximately number 51.

Friendly matching
In the picture you see Ball. Ball was an easy boy who loved football. He had a good laugh and good laughing friends. He was part of the popular group in school. It was not necessary for him to flirt with girls. They were approaching him most of the time. Every proper looking girl wanted to be part of the Ball adventure.

If Ball was not asked for a date – after he broke up with a girl for the hundredth time (the usual stuff) – his friends arranged something for him. That was how it always went.

First man Fitty
This time was a little different. Well, not totally. A little. Fitty, who was a friend of Balls, tried to win Fruity’s heart for himself. Unfortunately, the girl showed no interest. After some powerless hours of sitting in a café staring at windows without staring at each other, Fitty gave up. He had not spoke a word to Fruity this whole date, but deep down inside he felt that Fruity was not interested in his personality.

Generous as he was, Fitty wanted to prove Fruity that he was a good piece of shit. She might not wanted him, but he could go home with a good reputation by giving this girl to his much better looking friend. Also known as Bally Jr. Son of his father Bally Senior.

Baked egg romance
So the story continues. Fruity and Ball met, Ball opened his mouth to say some cheesy words to Fruity. The two kissed soon and experienced a wonderful romantic life together for two weeks.

Something weird happened to Fruity in that moment. It hit her during a candlelight dinner with Bally, who was just walking to his mother downstairs – yes, he lived with his parents. The boy was 16 years old, what can you expect?

All of the sudden Fruity felt empty. She looked at the baked egg Ball had made for them. It was all he could do. It was a little sad. She realized she had dated many good-looking guys but it was not what she really wanted. She was always giving them full attention, although many times she was deeply bored by their personality. She wanted to be with a really interesting guy.

The end of Ball season
Womanizer Bally became the unexpected beginning of the end. Fruity left the house, said goodbye to Bally, without a kiss – that could happen when you were 16 – and made an appointment with herself: she would go sober for a few years. No boys allowed!

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