(2.2.) Miss Glitter at sleepy time

As expected, Miss Glitter and her husband are having great times in the bedroom. After the dog disappeared it even got better. Miss Glitter never could explain why. Her husband could.

When poodle ‘Hudson Senior’ was still with them, Miss Glitter could really enjoy a good conversation with him around midnight. “Hi little curly friend,” was how she always started. After that, she picked the small dog up with two hands and hold it in her arms above her for the next ten minutes. This was when she had already her non-glittering pyjamas on. The ones that couldn’t see the daylight. The ones that were hers since the eighties. The ones that her husband hated.



But every day she told the best man that she was only wearing the clothes this time, because she was going to hug the dog. “Hugging dogs does not allow a Chanel, dear”, she convey him self-assured. ‘But when was the time for the Chanel coming?’ , the man figured. He thought about it night by night, while staring at his wife, cuddling the dog. A ritual that also seemed to take more time every following day. Sometimes it even allowed him to take his nose into the wardrobe of Miss Glitter. A mysterious place in the house, that was kept secret by the housewife herself. She had different area’s with different clothes, he discovered. One area gave him in pain in eyes caused by all the glitters, the other area was more calm and decent. But also boring. The man with his many expectations of marriage knew exactly at that moment that he could have a magnificent influence by picking up one of the things he liked. But he had hard times choosing the area at first. The boring area gave him calmness and made him think of this mother. A bed of roses, a smile, the tenderness. The thought of his own mother made him dizzy of joy. She was just such a good female. How could it, that his own wife was nothing like that? He suddenly decided to choose the rough pad into erotic excitement en took the first glitter dress that he was able to see.

Rapidly he walked back into the master bedroom, while the dog was still in the house. “This, my dear, this is what you are going to wear from now on”, he said fearless to Miss Glitter, with no emotions on his bearded face. He showed the glittering dress in front of the two cuddling individuals. Normally, Miss Glitter would not have responded. The dog neither. But this time was different.

A scream, louder than the husband was capable of hearing, came to his ears. After that he expected a explanation. But that one never came. The whole night filled itself with tears, screaming and a missing wife in the bed. Miss Glitter took the glitter dress with her in her walking closet, and stayed there the rest of the night. The husband could sleep with the non-speaking dog on his bed. The husband cried deep within himself for his horrible life: ‘Why me, why me? Momma, why me?’ He kept repeating this phrases the whole night, while staring at the ceiling.

To be continued…

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