(2.3) When Bessy moved to the big apple


Before we continue with the story of Miss Glitter her marvelous love life, we have to tell you how Bessy arrived in New York. The journey that changed her life drastically. And then we are not talking about the switch of places only. 

We know already that Bessy was not so friendly in her younger years. The incident with Fruity Estelle after the steps lesson in 1995, was not a coincidence. It was an example of how things went with this terrible drama queen for years. The fight was not the best moment, also not the worst. The worst was yet to come.

One big laugh
To give you a clear picture of what happened, we have to start where it al began: the first moments in the life of little Bessy. In this photo you see her with her mom. A blond goddess. And yes, this is were this post is all about. Everyone knew that the beauty was all natural and that the stunning human being couldn’t apologize for it.

But as a matter of fact: the good looks of mommi were having some impact on the life of the kid. Like it had on the mom herself: she was so pretty all her life, everyone was kind and honest to her. People wanted to be her friend. Guys were acting polite. No one was rude. Life was one big laugh for the mom.

Her little cherry
There was only one down-side: she was not the smartest. So when she got her first and therefore last child Bessy, she thought this kid was just the cherry on the cake. So Bessy was a sweet cherry? No, not really. Rather a bitter one.

V6934_BabyCaregiver_3Shadow kid
Bessy felt the beauty of her mother since she was very petit. It was not what Bessy asked for, when arriving on the planet. It made her angry. How could she ever shine with this perfect creature around her? She would be in the shadows forever. So she figured out a solution for herself. A way to rise above the perfect head of her mother.

She became the most noisy, unpleasant baby you could imagine. After being a baby she was an energetic driving-everyone-grazy-kid no parent could handle. After being a kid, she started with acting like the most difficult and needy girl ever. There was almost nothing she liked to do. Almost nothing could please her. Hate was her favorite word.

Bad results
Now you may think this behaviour had some impact on the life of her mother. Not true. The beauty queen looked hot as ever and life was still laughing at her. The mother still loved the child and thought her daughter had some mental issues that would fade away by the course of time.

This was even harder for Bessy to accept. After years of putting effort in being terrible, the life of her mother was yet not ruined. The status of Bessy her own life was pretty damn shitty. She married an ugly man, she lived at a farm, she did her husbands laundry. She hated everyone, including herself. And the mom was still happy. It sucked.

Once she realised the results, she started to think of how she could improve something here and there. When she started thinking about it, she realised that nothing in her life really was what she wanted. She wanted to improve it ALL. So she said to her husband: “Hey man, say bye bye to your terrible wife.” The ugly man was a little surprised, but not unhappy about her decision. He was releaved. Now he was able to merry a real farmers girl. One that could do something serious with cows and goats. His only truly desire in life.


The dark end
But Bessy wanted to clean up the very dark side of her life with a dark twist. To complete her marriage in style she said to her man – who she hated and never loved: “Hey you, let’s have some fun our last time. Let’s play some sadomasochism game”. They did that more often, so the stupid husband responded with a: “Sure.” It was sunday morning, he had some time before milking the goats.

Bessy saw that as a decent answer to her question. Within a couple of minutes she arrived back in the bedroom and fake-smiled to her man. She was wearing leather pants. “Come, go lay on the bed dear, hop hop. I will bind you”, Bessy said this as casual as possible. Secretly she felt much energy and excitement. The man followed the orders. ‘Leather pants, who could resist it?’, he thought to himself. On his face appeared a soft smile. He was an easy target for Bessy.

Bessy started the punishment ritual and the man enjoyed it. But after two minutes she suddenly stopped. “Oh, I forgot, my plane is leaving in a couple of hours. Have to go. Bye dear!”.
“Wait!”, the man roared.
Bessy did not respond and shut the door. There was a man in their bedroom who was binded to the bed with his hands and feet, with no phone or person close to him to help. Only goats were nearby but they were not able to give a hand. The man was naked as a newborn baby. Bessy felt no sorry for him. She knew that at a certain point, he would receive some help from someone. At least.

The new sweet Bessy
Bessy walked out of the house with her already packed suitcase and clapped in her hands with joy. “Hi life, from now on we are going to have some fun and be sweet to other people!”, she said, while looking at the bright sky. The taxi arrived and there the journey to New York began.

Yeah, this is one touchy story on The Fantasy Isle.

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