(2.4) The night

barbie4The night when Miss Glitter had the best time of her life (in the spotlight), poodle ‘Hudson Senior’ left her. Or actually, someone kidnapped the animal, but we told you before. What we are going to tell now, is how this turned out really well in the bedroom.

It was an evening full of surprises for Miss Glitter. It started with the invitation itself. For what? Well, the Beauty Awards. Women and looks were the importance there. Luckily, Miss Glitter felt deeply connected to the subject.

A year of fame
The chosen beauty would win a holiday to a luxe resort in the Alps of Switzerland. Also would mean winning: a year of fame. All newspapers would write about her. People would show respect. Miss Glitter would die for it. Finally all the attention she deserved! While thinking of it, she already got a warm feeling inside.

So yes, Miss Glitter was totally euphoric about the invitation to the Beauty Awards. For the last years she had been trying to get an invitation – in many creative ways – but it never worked out the way she wanted. Until today. ‘All the flirting was not for nothing!’, Miss Glitter spoke to herself, thinking of all the manly interns of the organization, who she had send loveletters and flowers to. Most of them were at least twenty years younger than she was, but Miss Glitter couldn’t care less. “A goal is a goal, reaching it is most important”, she often told anyone who would listen. In reality, there were not so many goals Miss Glitter reached.

Tonight, Miss Glitter went to the party in her what she called “My most expensive glitter dress”, (factual it was not hers, but rented, so it was not hér most expensive, but the shop their most expensive dress and therefore also the most expensive one to rent, but still quite cheap.)

Wet kiss
Before walking out of the door, she gave Hudson Senior a big long kiss on his wet nose. Her lipstick disappeared, but she did not notice. After that she waved to the poodle until she entranced the garden gate, where she almost fell over a big rocket she did not saw, because she was only waving and looking at her dog. A little tear rolled over Miss Glitter her makeup face and created a white line on her left cheek. Which she also did not noticed.

Pretty pretty
The guests of the party were mainly beauty queens and hot, perfect looking men. Gay models, Miss Glitter assumed. She did not believe that one could ever be straight or in a relationship with those pretty ladies. That was just too much to imagine. It would cause emotions of jealousy in many ways, more than Miss Glitter could deal with. She would end up hyperventilating in the corner of the bar by thinking those thoughts.

She had to keep her head up right now, because she was walking on the red carpet. The spotlights where on and there was no minute to miss. Miss Glitter showed her white teeth.

The straight guy
Hey there, look. There was a straight guy, all the sudden. It was Jefferson. Producer of a television show that did not broadcast the evening this year. He was a man of many parties. Just like Miss Glitter. For years he was totally into Miss Glitter, but she always thought he was gay. Tonight he could not handle the situation anymore. ‘Something must happen’, he told his own mind the whole night, while watching Miss Glitter her naked body parts. “Hi!”, he said every time she walked by. But she did not notice hem. Like she did not notice anybody, only the people who she knew well or wanted to know well. Unfortunately he was not in one of these categories.

Restroom affair
But after some glasses champagne Miss Glitter could use some help with walking. She was just trying to walk to the restroom on her white pumps, when Jefferson walked by for the fifth time this hour. He noticed immediately that this little princess needed the support of a strong man. Like him. “Let me help you,” he spoke in his most dignified way. Miss Glitter was currently using the wall to get some grip on the walking. “Well, all right. But only tonight mister”, she responded. The man felt himself in a higher stage of happiness.

Jefferson helped her into the women’s restroom and they decided to stay there for some time. It was not really Jefferson his plan to take things to the next level so soon, but Miss Glitter gave a lot of signals that she was not feeling like talking. ‘Well, all right’, he thought. The man did not want to make her feel bad by not accepting her love. Miss Glitter gave the man a kiss and the man tasted dog flavor. Miss Glitter was also thinking of her dog. Kissing with Hudson Senior was more fun. More an interaction. Although this did not stop her from kissing this strange man. Nothing could stop her this night. She had a chance on fame the whole year!

Missed minutes of fame
It may not be clear yet, but Miss Glitter was not always the brightest. So at the time she was in the restroom kissing her surrogate dog, the winners were announced to the audience. Miss Glitter was not one of them, but she was spontaneously asked to give the price to the winner. The organization of the Beauty Awards was thrilled by some experimental improvisation. Miss Glitter would also be, if she was present. If. But no. So they called for someone else. Miss Glitter missed five minutes of fame on national television. And she did not even know.

The end of the night
After the restroom, she decided that she went home. She casual asked Jefferson if she had won the price or not. Jefferson answered with a “No”. Miss Glitter felt free to go. “Bye guy”, she said with a drunk smell out of her mouth. But Jefferson stayed polite: “Bye beautiful lady, sleep well. I might see you soon, take care. Have a save trip home”. Miss Glitter did not hear anything of what he said. Walking to the cab was grabbing all her attention.

Back home the dog was not present, but Miss Glitter was not aware of this fact yet. The husband lay on the bed, very chilled and relaxed, seeing his pretty wife with a tremendous sexy dress on and no animals around her to ruin it. He took his chances. He initiated the game of love and did not notice the after shave of Jefferson on Miss Glitter her skin. Or maybe he did, but tonight nothing was holding him back. Miss Glitter enjoyed it as well. ‘Yeah yeah,’ she thought, ‘pretty fine night’. That day, The Glorious Moments in Miss Glitter her bedroom made their entrance.

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