(2.5) P. and his salty sensual sea life

We did not tell you all about P. yet. You know he is the only one who does not live in New York. This beach boy from Miami prefers to do some surfing. For the rest of the time he watches himself in the mirror. ‘Yeah, that’s pretty much it’, you might think. Well, to really understand who he is, you should know about his first female experience: Misty Lotus.


Photo: ansleybleu

Short lover
The good looking guy with his preference for short, saw some very long lady on the beach. Ok, the location was good, but there were many reasons to expect P. would not be interested. Not only the fact that this girl wasn’t short.

Gay P.
The most reasonable explanation would be that P. was gay, back in the days. He had it pretty good with several lovers every weekend.

But the sensual Misty Lotus was too actractive to not make some impression. Her blond her in the wind, her blue eyes, just like the ocean. She said to P.: “Hey, I am lost, can you give some directions?”

Life saver
P. who was normally not so smart, could immediately understand the situation: the woman needed to go back to the sea. So he said: “Let me give you a hand. I am very aware of the area.” He smiled, very convinced of his own knowledge.

“That does not help, my sweet dear,” the lady responded with a tiny and high voice, “you need to carry me”. She gave P. a little wink.

That was the moment, P. realised, he felt more than friendship for this lady. It made him feel like a real man, to carry this lady and help her out. He had always been adventurous, so this time he found himself between the devil and the deep blue sea. Which was, in this scenario, an interesting ambiguity.
‘Surfing, a mermaid, both in water- how could he not come up with this earlier? It could be the perfect marriage’, he realised, while thinking of his latest boyfriend who did not like his Mini Wheats cereals for breakfast. “Too small,” this guy had said. He was more a person for the new and bigger Lucky Charms. “Too big”, P. had responded. It became the cold end of their 14 day love affair.

Rubber vin
P. picked Misty Lotus up and touched her silk fin. It felt like rubber and P. loved it right away. It was such an immovable but yet fascinating material. She did not speak, so P. found her also much sweeter than his latest boyfriend. He decided to give her a kiss. “What cereal do you like?”, he asked shortly after that. “Froot Loops”, she answered. “Why?” P. asked confused. It was not the respons he was dying to receive. “Because a loop is something I will never be creative with. I can only swim”, she answered timid. She suddenly looked at the sea, as if she wanted to die there immediately. ‘No, no, no’, P. thought. “Well, let’s eat them soon”, he said to cut the drama. He could live with the Loops. She probably never ate it, they were only tasteful with milk, not with water, especially no salt water, P. realised. He was very sharp that day.

After dropping off Misty Lotus in the sea, P. knew one thing. He would enjoy more female appearances in the nearby future. And yes, that fairy tale came out. It was the start of a summer full of half naked females. They were all very needy to experience the fruits of a newborn bi-sexual man. It was also the summer P. coloured his hair. He had a new image, in his opinion this asked for a new look.


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