(2.6) A model of a day

Back to the office. The place where fashion has more value than the human being wearing it. At the institute where Fruity Estelle, Bessy and Miss Glitter earn their money, fashion is what they talk about, what they see, what they hear, what they want and again: what they are talking about. Every hour? Yes every day, every hour, every minute they talk about fashion. The second subject is hair.

You may rise an eyebrow now. Why only two topics all day every day? Miss Glitter is behind this all. She created an environment where she could feel safe in. ‘One should not become to smart’, is her believe. She thinks fashion and hair are friendly and innocent topics. Everything else that could threaten her position in the office is just bad. So she keeps a sharp eye on the behavior – including the conversations – of her employees. “Keep them small, keep them small”, is what she often tells herself , while sitting behind her clean desk, touching her own soft hair.

il_340x270.373306937_eiwgWonderful opportunity
This day, a fashion shoot was, like many other days, on the agenda. And Miss Glitter had a marvelous idea. “Why don’t you two be the models”, she said to Bessy and Fruity Estelle. This idea matched the mindset of Miss Glitter to keep them small. “Wonderful opportunity”, she lied to her two beautiful employees.

Now it was the time for Bessy and Fruity to raise an eyebrow. “Uhm, Mrs, I mean, Miss, why if I may ask?”, Fruity was the first to respond with a reasonable question. Bessy thought about how she would look like as a model. Maybe it would make her popular. Although, it was a little weird. She studied! She had a formal job! It was her duty to be serious with fashion. Not that serious that she wanted to wear it. Well, she wanted to wear it, but to be seen with it? Well, she wanted to be seen with it. But to be seen in a magazine? Bessy found herself in a difficult situation.

BK-071The decision
At the same time Miss Glitter and Fruity Estelle founded themselves in a difficult situation too. Or at least Fruity Estelle. Her head turned a little read while she said: “You think it is normal to ask someone with a high position to model? Excuse me, but that is not what I applied for in this job and is not one of my ambitions. At all.” Miss Glitter was cold as ice in her facial expression. To see Fruity Estelle angry was the best moment of the day already. She could use this perfectly as a weapon against this annoying employee. “Of course, it is not what you applied for, but I’d like to give my people great opportunities”, Miss Glitter said. This was in fact a lie. She never gave opportunities. Everyone knew. “Don’t underestimate a career of a model”, she added. “You are into fashion or you aren’t, that’s the question here.” Miss Glitter suddenly came up with many good sentences to make her statement strong. Maybe it was because of the angry face she just saw. It might gave her positive energy.

Fruity felt she needed a little support from her colleague. “We love fashion we really do, but I don’t think Bessy and I are interested in this work,” she said seriously while looking at Bessy, who was very quiet at the moment.

“Is that so?”, Miss Glitter said to Bessy with a polite smile. “May I ask what the financial benefits are?”, Bessy responded. “The benefits are that you two are in the magazine girls.” Miss Glitter loved it to call grown up women girls. The smaller, the greater.

“Well, okay, we do it.” Bessy suddenly said. “What?” Fruity almost choked in the water she just drank. “Yes, of course we are going to do it” Bessy persisted, “great opportunity”. She smiled at Fruity. Who was going mad at the moment. But there was no option here. “Great”, Miss Glitter responded. “I have to make a call, if you excuse me ladies. Oh and wait here,” she said while walking away.

“Please cancel the two model bookings for today”, Miss Glitter said on the phone, a few meters away from Bessy and Fruity. Unfortunately, Fruity could hear the conversation too. And it made her more angry. And that was exactly what Miss Glitter was looking for.
“You just cancelled two models?” Fruity Estelle asked after Miss Glitter hung up. “I thought, well I expected, that you were in the need of models?”
“Yeah, I did cancelled. This is going to be a very cheap day for me” was the sound of the response. Miss Glitter laughed loudly. She was enjoying herself very much today. “Please calm down dear, to look good on the photo’s you have to have a relaxed face. Go drink some water. Have a break. I will get the uniforms for you both. I’ll be right back”, she said to Fruity.
“Uniforms?” Fruity Estelle had a nightmare of a model day. A dress, alright, but a uniform sounded very non respectable. It could be either too sexy or not sexy at all. Both options were not right. This shoot would literally add no value to anything, she would miss the attention of men as a reward for a sexy photo or she would be in an embarrassing situation with a vulgar one. This shoot could only create troubles for her career. Fruity started to hate her own life.

Model day
Miss Glitter had just a model of a day. And Bessy, she was going to have an unexpected model’s day. In the photo you see Bessy and Fruity. They are wearing a matching outfit. Very cute…

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