(2.7) P. his lucky week

P. had just experienced the short visit of the long woman Misty Lotus, when a new woman came along. Laying on the rocks of the beach in Miami, it was like P. saw a queen; a living image of what was usually played in his head. For a long time already, he realized. While he was enjoying guys back in the days, he had some dreams about sensual female bodies now and then.

Suddenly P. thought to himself: “Is this maybe a dream as well?”
“No it is not”, P. heard as a response. Was he going mad? The voice came from somewhere nearby.

Special gifts
This girl was not only gorgeous, she also had special gifts. She could hear P. think. Yes. Truly amazing. But, we have to add to this talent the fact that P. (because he normally did not think so much) most of the time did make a combination of speaking and thinking at the same time. So there was a chance that this time P. had made the combination as well. But of course, the girl was probably very talented.

100_4790 Photo: Amanda Merlo

Fashionable seashell
P. saw already her greatest talent from far away: the seashell she was wearing. It was small and therefore short, so P. could relate to it. Also this gave him a warm memory of the gay period in his life. He still felt gay, but in this stage his focus was on the straight side. So to keep in touch with both his sexual preferences, paying attention to accessorizes and fashion did it for him. Just by looking it at. Easy as a peanut.

Independent woman
The new woman had a different character than the mermaid. She had not spoken so many words, but P. just felt it in the way she was laying there. For P. it looked like she was more selfmade, more independent. But that had maybe something to do with the situation of the mermaid. Poor girl could only swim.

“I cannot swim”, the new girl said. “Is that so?”, P. responded. He did not really believe her. What a joke, he thought. This girl is into funny talk! He did not expect that.

“So do you want to have a drink?”, he asked. He did not really know how it went with girls. With the gays it was quite easy, they liked eachother or not. P. was maybe not the smartest, but he had convidence. He was willing to try everything it would take to hit on this girl.

Party time
But this girl was already hitting on him. “No I like to travel with you to New York”, she answered, “I am looking for a fake partner to join me on a party there.”

Money waterfall
P. was stunned. A party? That sounded great. This girl wanted HIM to come? Wow. ‘This week is the greatest of my life’, P. thought to himself. But. There was a but. “I don’t work”, P. said to the girl. As if it was very normal not to work. After saying this, he gently took his short hair in his hands and pulled it behind the back of his head. He was looking seriously and both erotic he hoped, into her blue eyes. She was not really paying attention to it. “Great!”, she responded. “So you have plenty of time. I will book the tickets”, she said, while wiping off the sand of her sun bronzed body.

Trouble solver
P. did not know what to say. It was like he won the lottery. For years he was living on other peoples money. Mostly the money of his mom. And now, this girl disappeared, shortly after him coming out as ‘bi-sexual’. Now all his money troubles were solved, by this seashell lady. He even managed to get her interested in him. He was such a good lover, he realized. He was after all, one of the greatest persons also, he added to his thoughts.

“Of course.” P. responded calmly, to act like he did not care too much. “Sure, book the tickets, no problem”, he said to the girl. She was already walking away from him. “Bye,” he could hear her say. P. did not felt like he had to call her back to ask for her number. It was alright. People were taking care of him his whole life already, so why worrying? That would be a waste of time. The girl would show up again. And, not to forget: he had to surf right now.

To be continued….

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