(2.8) How Bessy created new fun

Since Bessy was single while arriving in New York, she got her eye now and then on some manly creature she saw around. But she never paid much attention, because it was her work that needed her focus the most. Not that it was such a difficult job, but with Miss Glitter as a boss, there were not many moments on a day to relax.

A relaxing moment almost always ended up in a new task. Miss Glitter was just everywhere. Bessy viewed the glitters already in the corner of her eye, as the big boss walked towards her, every time Bessy breathed calmly with a glass of green tea in her hand, watching her broken nails, while sitting on the kitchen table of the office. Miss Glitter always knew something to let Bessy do.

Little tiny tasks
That sometimes included terrible tiny things, like organizing shoes during a shoot or picking up coffee cups from other people’s desks. Miss Glitter always knew something to embarrass one another. That would keep her kids quiet, she thought. And it was true.

Ken shootBut what Miss Glitter did not knew, that it was sometimes not such a torture at all. This time, Bessy was putting hair brushes in order during a shoot for a men’s hair gel. She was enjoying her task for the first time, because the two male models looked incredibly good. She had plenty of time to look, with only five hair brushes to clear up.

But shortly after she began staring, Bessy her excitement about the two men stopped. She realized she had probably to do with two gay guys. Like every time. She was in this company for more than 90 days now, with almost every day since her first day, a fashion shoot. She knew her chances. They were low. Of course, there was the piquant story of Miss Glitter, that everyone knew but no one talked about during daylight. In some aspect, everyone was jealous of this adventure of the ice-cold lady who was touching a naked young man after a shooting day. But no one really knew what happened there, so people were holding up different stories about it. But that it was hot, everybody knew. At the same time it looked like an impossible opportunity. Still, it was a dream of Bessy to experience the same kind of thing.

Almost single
Bessy was in more luck than she could expect this day. One of the guys, Kaidan, was actually straight. And almost single, as he liked to call it himself. He had a girlfriend, but she was only his girlfriend since a month, so he not took it too serious. Also, she was not present at the shoot, therefore Kaidan called himself single at this time of the day.

Kaidan decided to do something crazy to make something happen. He fake felt on the ground. Of course everyone was shocked. Miss Glitter her head turned read. She saw the bills already coming from the model agency, who would blame her for presenting an unhealthy work environment.

Some support
“I am a little dizzy,” he stated,”maybe I need some support while finishing the shoot,” he continued, while looking at Bessy. “This lady, for example, she can maybe do the shoot with me, than I know for sure I don’t fall again.” he added, while still looking and pointing at Bessy.

Normally, Miss Glitter would not have been listening to this kind of crazy idea, but Kaidan was an extraordinary model. The guy every magazine wanted to have. Any bad reputation in this case would do her a lot of harm. She looked at Bessy and got angry inside, because she would never give Bessy an opportunity like this. She was also angry of Bessy her beauty. It was in fact possible to do the shoot with Bessy, the looks were good enough. Miss Glitter knew she had to say yes to Kaidan his idea.

Miss Glitter her thoughts
“Only for once than,” she said to Bessy. “Behave!”, she added. Miss Glitter had forgotten already about some weeks ago, the moment when she let Bessy and Fruity do a fashion shoot on her own initiative. But that of course, was a try to humiliate. A totally different situation.
In this case, Bessy could in fact become popular. So Miss Glitter started thinking right away of tasks she could give Bessy the next couple of days, to make sure this would not happen. Also Miss Glitter knew one thing: for a month, she would not give Bessy any tasks in and around a fashion shoot. Too much opportunity for this girl. It was not supposed to be fun.

Photo: barbielovely

Fun times
Meanwhile, it really got fun for both Kaidan and Bessy. They were standing close to each other, while looking in the camera. “Thank you for helping me,” Kaidan said with his sweetest voice. “Your welcome,” Bessy answered, while daydreaming of this lovely guy without clothes on. This could even be more fun, she thought.

Of course, the shoot went all good and Kaidan did not fall again. After all the hair photo’s were taken, Kaidan grabbed Bessy her arm: “Have to show you something”, he said. Bessy had always been blessed with a open mind, so she did not felt the need to say no. Work could wait. In fact, she had worked the last hour. In a very pleasant way…

Showing her
Kaidan acted like he had to show something . Of course there was nothing to show. Only his ugly shaved, lower area in the end of the hall. Bessy saw it as a lovely surprise. Finally she got one! She could not believe her eyes. She got a gay men so far that he wanted to have sex with her! She became tremendously curious. Only good could come out of this, she figured. This was after all a hot, very hot guy. Kaidan was also pretty cheerful about his working day. Not only a few dollars were added to his pocket, also a new friend to keep him warm there.

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