(2.9) Pretty plane

schermafbeelding-2016-11-02-om-13-09-05By Lilian van Ooijen at The Fantasy Isle

Do you remember how P. met the new girl? With the tiny seashell? Promising to book him a ticket to New York? Well, she did what he expected her to do: she showed up again. But the location was a surprise. 

Private swimming
Today, P. was chilling in the swimming pool. Now you may think, what a surprise that he would meet another person there, not! You are wrong. It was a surprise to see the seashell lady again. Because… this was a private swimming pool. Let us tell you the whole story.

It was actually very intimidating for the petite soul of P. He had been invited to one of the pools of one of his surf friends. The name of the friend was Carlos. This was a very popular guy. He was not so good in surfing, but women never saw that. And the ones who were able to trace it, ignored it, with love. That was also the smartest thing to do, because those women – mostly surfers themselves – could not compete with his low level. Therefore he was too good. Compared to other guys like P. he was not great, but I think you see the point here. It was all about respect and ignorance. And of course a lot of fake smiles. Because that was what they did at the beach: acting like one of the Baywatch characters. Nothing more, nothing less. Whatever they did, they had to look good.

So, P. was laying on an inflatable bed in the middle of the swimming pool. The sun was shining, the weather was hot, it was all so lovely. P. was totally relaxed. Like every day. Worrying was not something he was familiar with, of course this had something to do with the amount of brains in his head. There was just not so much going on in there.

Pool visitor
Suddenly out of the backyard a lady came, who said hello to Carlos, gave him a very long kiss on the mouth and then jumped in the swimming pool, on an inflatable bed. Although P. did not see any seashell, he noticed something familiair about this new person. “Carlos, who is this?” he asked, while pointing at the girl next to him. Carlos was having a cigarette and was very chilled at the moment. He looked like he did not saw that question coming. “Who?” he asked P. surprised. It was like Carlos just had some sleep and woke up. P. got irritated. “There is a NEW person here Carlos,” he explained, “Look!”. While pointing again at the lady.

Carlos and Autumn
“Oh,” now Carlos understood the question. “That is Autumn, my girlfriend.” P. did not know what to say. He and his friends, they never had girlfriends. “She is going to take me to New York,” Carlos added. “WHAT?!” Now P. got angry. He jumped in the water roughly, and Autumn almost fell in the water too. Something she did not find so bad after all. She was ready for something fresh. And angry men were very sexy in her opinion so to be a little closer to P. his body, was not a punishment at all. But P. already got out of the water while touching his hair for a moment.

My girl
“Carlos,” he said. “this is MY girl, not yours. We have a misunderstanding I believe.” Carlos still looked like nothing went wrong and blinked his eyes as if he just saw daylight. “Sorry”, he said to P. “She is mine and like I just told you, we are going to New York together.”

Meanwhile in the swimming pool, Autumn realized that she could in fact not swim. “Where is she anyway?”, Carlos asked P.. The both of them looked at the water. The inflatable bed was empty. P. felt like this was the time to be a real man. He could do the Baywatch move now. So he jumped into the water, searching for Autumn.

Carlos felt like he was more realistic so he decided to go for a little walk in the garden. Autumn was probably somewhere under a tree, or in the kitchen. The place were he found women most of the time.

Baywatch hero
But P. was the lucky guy here. Autumn was laying on the bottom of the swimming pool and it did not looked like she was trying to save herself with some swimming, which was a little weird to see. But that did not matter to P. He took her in her arms. “Thank you,” Autumn said coolly.

The only thing P. said was: “Listen, you and me are going to New York. You have to break up with Carlos.”
“Oke”, Autumn responded. She did not care. Whenever she had a date to the party in New York, she was fine. Both men were nice, she figured. “I have a pretty tiny airplane for us,” she explained. “We will have fun, sipping pink champagne and stuff like that.”
“You mean a helicopter?”, P. asked. He was confused. This all went so easy, and by the word ‘tiny’ his heart melted.
“No, a private jet.” she said. “I thought you had to buy tickets?”, P. asked. “Yeah, something like that.” she said.

P. did not follow the story but he did not care. He got the girl and he would go on a private jet to New York! Awesome day. And the girl was even alive too. Double fun.

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