(2.10) So far so good

By Lilian van Ooijen / The Fantasy Isle

So what did we learned about The Fantasy Isle so far? We will refresh your memory.

Miss Glitter
She is getting meaner and meaner. She has showed her character more, by setting up a photoshoot for her two employees, who aren’t models. Also she gives little tiny tasks to keep her workers busy. In her personal life she experiences better sexual intercourse with her husband after she lost her beloved poodle. But, she also done some things outside her own bedroom…

Miss Glitter her husband
We did not hear about him that much yet, but his appearance silently influences Miss Glitter here and there.

P. has gone through an important stage of his life. He started to date women instead of only men, and he has the time of his life. Also he met some interesting ladies at Miami beach and he is going to travel to New York with one of them. In a private jet. And no, his friend is not coming.

Before we knew Bessy as the kind girl, the one who wanted to get coffee for everyone. Now we know that Bessy has a dark side as well. She decided to change her behaviour as soon as she arrived in New York. She is also single since she is living and working in New York, so we learned that she created some fun to fill the emptiness. And one other important thing about Bessy: she seeks attention a lot more than her colleague Fruity Estelle.

Fruity Estelle
The story about Fruity Estelle is quite interesting. She is the most confident of all, and she is not involved with anyone. Why not? She dated many many men in the past. But, after she met Fitty and Ball at high school, and experienced a romantic time with the Ball guy, she realized she was bored. She started banning guys out of her life. Only men with quality would made some chance with her. If they were lucky…

And yes, the story continues! Learn more about this creatures in the next episode.

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