(3.1) A new episode, a new romance

© 2014 L. van Ooijen© 2014 L. van OoijenBy Lilian van Ooijen / The Fantasy Isle

The time had come for Fruity Estelle. Not the time to die, no, time to touch another ones lips. Time to do dirty with another fellow. Time to heat things up. But to get to this point was a struggle.

No balls
When Fruity decided she would leave the balls behind, she also decided she would not look a certain dangerous object in the eyes, longer than necessary. And only when necessary. So when she travelled by train to her work for example, she never felt like she needed to look at the face of a man, standing in front of her. She preferred looking into her bag, her wallet, at her nails, iPhone or everything else possible, which made her more clean in the mind. In line with her attitude. Going on the wrong path would definitely cause some troubles, she knew.

Obviously, this was not a problem for the guys in her area. ‘A hard to get girl, lovely!’, they all thought.

Party invitation
The party Autumn invited P. to, was already tonight. And for some reason, Fruity ended up there.

Fruity is P. his older sister. Not real sista sista, but still, kind of sista. Kind of wha? Fruity her mother and P. his father once had a relationship with eachother. Fruity was glad that after two years her mother broke up with P. his dad, but we’re not going there today. The importance here is that they knew one another.

So, when P. decided he would join a party in New York, he instantly thought of the only person he knew in New York: Fruity Estelle. Fruity wished she never met him, when she received an e-mail with: “Hi sexy, I like to see you in New York next week”.

P. his messages were always short. But Fruity knew enough. She had to meet him against her will. Otherwise her mom would be angry at her. Why? P. his dad left her mother, while poor mother was still madly in love. And she still was, till this day. So Fruity couldn’t say “no” to the short boy. Her mother would blame her for that. The lady was convinced it would help if the Fruity family could get along great with the P. Daddy family, so that on one glorious day, she would be back with the dad of P.

This on the other hand, was not one of Fruity her dreams.

Despite her mother’s wishes, Fruity actually said “No” to P. Her thoughts were like: ‘What the hell, I am being my own personality. Screw other people’s love lives. I don’t care. I am a grown up.’
The real reason she was so upset, was not the fact that P. was someone she did not like. It was the fact that P. was attractive, and it was a long time ago since Fruity had spoken to a guy in her spare time. And the attractive ones were the most scary to her.
Although P. was gay for many years, Fruity did not know. And P. always acted like a straight male around here: looking at her, giving her attention, smiling. He wanted her around she figured, because she was so pretty.

Wet sweat 
P. couldn’t take no for an answer. Maybe it was just his lack of communication skills, but he asked Fruity again. This time he told her that he was going to a party, and he invited her.
Still, she said no. “No, no, no” she shouted to herself in her bathroom while she was showering. “No, I am NOT going there. NO WAY.” Her head turned a little sweaty, but luckily, she was around soap and water.
Once she got back to her laptop with a towel in her hair, her heart stopped. Well, just for a second. P. asked her for the third time and this time he told her what kind of party it was: a fashion event.

Saying yes
Now Fruity found herself in a more difficult situation, because this was a party her company was not invited to. She could rise in respect, telling Miss Glitter that she attended this event. But than she had to talk to P. during the party. She was not amused, but she knew she had to say ‘Yes’ to him. And so she did.
P. found himself in heaven. The wonderful Fruity Estelle was into him. He was happy.

Tonight Fruity was wearing a pink dress. This was a gift to her from a famous designer, after writing an article about his brand. It was the first time she wore the extraordinary thing and she knew people would notice her. And they did.

So after she had the necessary chat with P. and he turned back to his date Autumn, Fruity Estelle walked around en never felt better. A smile came to her face. All of the sudden she forgot her own rules: she never smiled to men. But it was already to late. One fish out of the sea found her. And he was persistent.

Big ego from Miami
It was Carlos, P. his friend from Miami. (We learned about him in chapter 2.9) The guy who was invited by Autumn as well. After P. left Miami to travel to New York with Autumn in the private jet, Carlos decided that his ego was to big to accept this. He asked his boss for some salary in advance and booked an airline ticket to the big apple.

Carlos knew that when he would arrive in New York, a ticket to the party would  easily follow. And he was right. ‘That’s what friends are for,’ P. thought while inviting him. After P. had travelled in the private jet with Autumn, his jealousy for his friend had disappeared.

Hot tea talk
At the party Carlos saw P. talking to Fruity and he saw what he wanted. To impress Fruity he bought a bottle of champagne for the two of them. But Fruity hated those gestures. “I prefer a cup of tea,” she said to confuse him.
So Carlos got her some tea. That was one lesson he once learned from his mother: always do what the woman asks. He thanked her for that, because all the women loved him.

Love, please
While Carlos for once tried to ask some questions, instead of talking about himself, Fruity was sipping her tea, not answering anything. After thirty minutes Carlos couldn’t  handle it anymore. But maybe this was only the result of the bottle of champagne he was drinking on his own.
Carlos took Fruity her face in his hands and said: “My love, what can I do to please you. I only want to kiss you right now.” Finally Fruity heard something she liked. Hell ya, she thought, let’s do this. And the two of them started kissing.. in the middle of a high-class fashion event. Carlos was so used to be half-naked at the beach, that it did not took long before he showed Fruity his abs.

To be continued…

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