(3.2) Taking the spotlights

schermafbeelding-2016-11-02-om-13-01-10By Lilian van Ooijen / The Fantasy Isle

Today we are going deeper into one of Bessy her habits. If you don’t mind.

Bessy has a lot of weird habits. They are there since she is New York. And they are there out of stress. Although she left her husband without regrets, she heard about Fruity her adventure and got jealous. Since this moment, she seeks for attention of men a lot. And because she is not satisfied with the results, she constantly creates new ways of getting it: full-time male treatment.

This week Bessy is starting a new habit: going to work on roller skates. A sexy outfit never does no harm, Bessy figures, so she bought the most expensive sports outfit she could get. Designer sports wear. She actually did not really buy them, she took them out of the fashion basement of the company. Bessy was from the farm so she was used to the principle of: what yours is, is mine. And vice versa. In this case, Bessy had nothing to offer in return. Only a pair of All Stars. But she rather dismissed this subject in her head. She just told herself over and over again that this outfit was hers.

The first day, Bessy was quite content with her new rolling standards. But at the end of the day, the happy thoughts left her. She crossed some other good-looking employee on the hall way, who apparently decided to do the same thing. And not even tomorrow, no, today. The girl was on roller skates too! Bessy hated this copy cat behaviour. Now she could not make the difference anymore in the light of her co-workers. She had uninvited guests on her own private shining party.

“Bitch”, Bessy said quietly, standing next to the girl in the elevator. “I heard you,” the girl said. “I don’t care,” Bessy responded. The truth was: at the same time Bessy was flipping true her imaginary address list of her e-mail account, guessing who this girl could be. She immediately hoped, that this was not a big boss or someone else of high order.

The girl saw the concerns in Bessy her facial expression, maybe this had something to do with the fact she was an intelligent human being with a well paid job. “And yes, I can report that to my boss as a form of an insult”, the girl smoothly suggested. Now Bessy was not happy anymore. She felt like she wanted to cry. Her life really got worse and worse.

“But, if you give me one good reason to not do it – I will not do it”, the girl added to her idea. Bessy her red eyes looked at the ground. Or actually at her roller skates. They were so pretty and yet, they created so much trouble. A little boy with the same roller skates would never experience something like what she had to go through right now! Bessy was not amused.

“By the way, is that a Versace?” the girl ask. She kept talking to Bessy who had not spoken a single word in the last minutes. Now Bessy was completely ruined. Her outfit was from Versace yes, but it was not smart to tell this cutting mosquito. “No, made it myself,” Bessy lied.

It was not really a question, because the girl knew for sure that this was a Versace. It was one of a kind. And she was an expert. “Than you have to tell me how you make it,” the smart girl responded. She was a mean girl and she enjoyed herself being one.

A snake, that is what she is.. Bessy thought. She wanted to attack the girl. But, she learned from her past and had been a great employee and person since she was in New York, so she knew that a fight would ruin this all. She had to save her career at this moment. So she made a wise decision.

“We can go for a coffee somewhere,” Bessy said, “than I can tell you áll about it.” Bessy did not know yet, how she would deal with the fake conversation or better: how she could change the subject, but she trusted her guts on this one. She would be alright. She was perfectly capable of building trusted relationships around her.

“Alright,” the girl answered. She was pleased with this offer. After all it was the end of the day and even a mean busy business woman, wants to relax now and then.

And the two roller skating women found themselves in a coffee bar in the next couple of hours. And they even had fun. Hate and love are so close, ladies and gents.

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