(3.3) How Miss Glitter joined the party

© 2014 L. van OoijenYou remember Carlos and Fruity kissing (story 3.1)? Well, the story continues..

By Lilian van Ooijen / The Fantasy Isle

Fruity loved kissing Carlos, she just couldn’t resist. Carlos loved it too, but he did things like that more often. Not such a big deal for him. But yeah, he liked the fact that he was capable of getting this Fruity person, because it seemed more difficult at first.

Love story
Fruity felt relieved while kissing Carlos. It was like she kept her own feelings so long for herself. Finally she realized that being with a man could bring some profits. She was all ‘zen’ and had an inner smile on her heart. She felt safe, because she knew nobody at the fashion show. Also she had feelings of pride because she arranged this invite to the fashion show, like none of her co-workers could. But that appeared to be a wrong thought.

Say hi to Miss Glitter
A few minutes later she heard a familiar voice behind her talking about some brand of champagne. Fruity instantly traced the name belonging to the voice. It was her boss! This not could be any worse. Her boss who never really liked her. For months Fruity was so brave with not seeing any guy, she had her full focus on the job and now this. She wanted to cry. But it was not the time yet to be emotional.

The big question
Miss Glitter saw what she wanted to see and knew what she wanted to do. “Fruity, am I mistaken? Is this really you or do you have a twin sister I don’t know about?”, she asked. Miss Glitter was not wearing any glitters today. Maybe there was an intention behind this. The funny thing was, that even though Fruity was ashamed badly and on the lowest point of her self esteem, it looked like Miss Glitter was a little uncomfortable too. Maybe… Fruity thought quickly while waiting for Carlos to leave the two ladies in private – maybe Miss Glitter did not wanted to be seen here tonight. It was a possibility. Because why else her boss did not mention that she had an invite to this famous fashion show?

“It is me”, Fruity answered. She did not felt like lying. After all, she had been a good employee and person. No way she would leave the good behavior behind for one single little mistake. She would conquer this. In her head she already heard ‘I am a survivor’ the song from Destiny’s Child.

Private talk ladies room

But Miss Glitter was not happy with this answer. She said: “Little employee, you are going to the ladies room with me right now.”  And she took the flower in Fruity her hair in her hand and moved Fruity forward to the bathroom. It was really humiliating for Fruity Estelle. The fairy tale of her love life certainly ended here. She was hoping that Carlos was not around anymore to see this, so that she might have a chance with him after this  private ‘conversation’  with Miss Glitter.

“You know this is still a public place, right?”, Fruity Estelle mentioned. Miss Glitter was not amused to hear something cheaky like that. “You little employee,” she repeated, “I think I have to fire you”. Miss Glitter always knew that sentences like this worked for getting people scared.
“Why?”, Fruity Estelle answered, “Because I am at a fashion show in my own spare time? I was going to tell you after this weekend, so that we could write a story about it. I was in the assumption that we as a company could not join, so I was glad to be here.”
“Stop! Stop!”, Miss Glitter shouted. “I cannot hear al your blabla emotional stories anymore. You need to work. That’s what you have to do. You need to go to the office right away. And don’t let me see you again with a guy kissing in public. So gross”. It was Miss Glitter her answer to what could be a terrifying night to her. Seeing her little employee on a well known party, while she had to beg for an invitation by one of her fake friends in fashion. She also had told this fake friend that no-one was allowed there, and now maybe Fruity told people the name of the company to strangers. That would be too embarrassing to handle.

But the most important thing to Miss Glitter was her ego. And the fact that this guy Fruity was kissing with, actually looked quite attractive to her. She always wanted to be the center of attention.

She walked back to the place where she busted the two. Fruity was heading to work. She felt like she had no choice if she wanted to keep her job and she cried loudly in the train to the office.

Carlos at the bar
A little smile came to Miss Glitter her face. This Carlos guy found himself at the bar. Drinking a Martini. Miss Glitter joined him immediately. “The same please,” she asked the bartender, while looking and smiling to Carlos.
Carlos was not into the looks of Miss Glitter, too old for him. “Where is Fruity?”, he asked severe. “I beg your pardon, I did not knew you would become angry”, Miss Glitter responded. “Just answer the question”, Carlos said.
“She forgot to do something for work, she is going to work”, Miss Glitter answered, “but let’s just enjoy our time together, shall we?”. Miss Glitter took a sip of her Martini while giving Carlos a little wink: “If you know what I mean…”.

P. at the bar
The moment Carlos wanted to leave this shitty example of an old needy woman, P. arrived at the bar. Miss Glitter was even more amused now. P. was exactly her type. “Why don’t you introduce your friend here,” Miss Glitter said to Carlos. “No, we are about to leave the bar now,” Carlos said.
But P. was too stupid to understand the importance of the situation, so he told Miss Glitter who he was.

It was the beginning of a complicated love and work-situation….

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