(3.4) That fashionable night with P. & Carlos

schermafbeelding-2016-11-02-om-12-57-17By Lilian van Ooijen / The Fantasy Isle

So. Miss Glitter. Carlos. P. and the black sheep Fruity Estelle. What happened after that? Well.. Carlos was staying in a hostel. Something below the belt was never his style, but under the circumstances of an accidentally paid ticket to New York, he had to make some sacrifices.

P. had a better place to stay, owed to his sugar mommy, who always thought that he did not had enough. And P. felt it too. Yeah. So she booked for her dearest dear the best hotel in New York she knew. P. got the ‘Champagne room’ in the New York Palace Hotel on Madison Ave.

Laid back Oasis
Carlos, who had his bed in ‘The Urban Oasis’ at 5 West St, discovered the afternoon before the party, that it was not as bad as he expected it. The Urban Oasis had one big cozy laid back atmosphere. And he saw some great art at the walls. “Quite alright”, he said to the receptionist, who looked like he did not care at all. Like he was just going to smoke a joint on his lovely chilled out working day. The same evening Carlos saw a more decent person behind the desk with very red lipstick and felt like he had to be a little more polite than he was earlier that day, so he smiled deeply to the woman and said “Lovely hostel, my dear”.

Whining and walking
The woman was still there when he got back. He could have started a conversation. But by that time Carlos was drowning in self pity. His best friend P. left the party with an older woman, and Carlos his hot shot left the party for a stupid thing called work. There was nobody for him to sleep with and he was whining about it while walking around in the common area’s of the Urban Oasis. After the dramatic walk downstairs, he walked upstairs. A woman walked by. She looked pretty though, but Carlos was not in the mood for catching her. Carlos went to bed.

Enemy free
In the New York Palace hotel things went totally different. After Miss Glitter got P. and vice versa, they soon realized that they were on the same page about their plans for the night. Both humans desired to be naked, together. As soon as possible. So they decided to leave the party. For Miss Glitter there was also no enemy anymore. The only target: Fruity Estelle, was already blown away by her magical talent for speaking. At least, that’s what Miss Glitter told herself.

Selfie self
Miss Glitter said to P.: “Come, let’s make a selfie before we leave”. P. was happy to be invited to a photo with this gorgeous grown up woman, so he immediately grabbed his phone (which was also a camera) to take it. “No, no”, Miss Glitter responded, “let me do this with my glitter iPhone”. She wanted to be in control. Otherwise, this little puppy might showed the photo to people she did not wanted to know about them.

After the selfie, the two love birds called a cab. “My place?”, P. asked. Miss Glitter smiled, like she was looking at her 3 year old son, who just had eaten a cake messily. Like she did not take P. serious. And that was true. Of course she looked down on him. He was young and stupid and she had a husband. But Miss Glitter knew that she wasn’t so smart herself, so felt connected in a weird way. Also she was bored in her marriage.

They got into the cab and drove to P. his hotel. When they arrived there Miss Glitter saw what she never expected. A better hotel than where her husband ever brought her. It was like she was in wonderland. A cheesy white smile came to her face. P. looked proud. “My threat,” he said. He surprisingly did not felt like talking about his sweet money mommy tonight.

Champagne everywhere
In the hotel room the two found their ways very quickly. Champagne was soon everywhere, including in their bodies. Miss Glitter told her husband in a short message that she was spending the night with a drunk female colleague at her place to keep an eye on her. Her husband raised his eyebrows by reading this message, because Miss Glitter was never collaborative and if she would, her colleagues seemed to be her last concern. But Miss Glitter thought that he would believe the message. She was a caring wife, who did dishes all day long. She felt like she deserved this night.

Read the next story to hear more.. 

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