(3.5) The next day at work

schermafbeelding-2016-11-02-om-12-53-53By Lilian van Ooijen / The Fantasy Isle

The next morning was an interesting occasion. P. and Miss Glitter were very messed up. Miss Glitter needed to throw up. P. was brushing his teeth at the same time. He did not really care about Miss Glitter her health. He saw women like that all the time at parties in Miami. Nothing special. 

But Miss Glitter had to leave for work quickly. So she sprayed some glitters on her skin – a bottle which was always in her bag – and said goodbye to P. like she said goodbye to all her employees: without any form of human affection. Her hair looked like as if she just came back from a walk into a tornado. But there was no time left to fix it.

At the office, Fruity Estelle was working for an hour already when the boss arrived. She expected some curious look at her work from Miss Glitter. But that did not happen.

“How was the fashion party the rest of the night?”, she asked. Fruity had sent P. a message that night but did not get a response anymore, Carlos his number she did not have.

“Marvelous,” Miss Glitter said, “I stayed at the New York Palace Hotel with a female friend,” she lied to Fruity, who was surprised to hear this jealous making news. “O so lovely for you”, she responded decently. “Yeah it was great,” Miss Glitter responded. “So did you had a great time with Carlos my dear?”, Miss Glitter asked like a real bitch.

“Well, no,” Fruity said, “I had to work on your projects so I did not have time”. “What a pity,” Miss Glitter said. Fruity was at this point very confused. What did the boss expect? That she would be able to split in two at one night? She would either be working or having fun elsewhere. But she knew she had to act happy with her boss, even after the terrible working night. She added: “No, not a pity at all, I love my job”. “Good,” Miss Glitter responded while wiping off a little sweat from her shitty face. “You couldn’t have done anything with this Carlos guy anyway,” she said to Fruity, “I heard he was staying in a cheap hostel.”

Now Fruity got very angry inside. Not only knew Miss Glitter something Fruity did not know yet, also this was offensive. She was working her butt off to please her boss and now this boss acted like Fruity was not able to date a good guy. So she said: “We would probably found our way out, I am sure of that. If you would have given me a chance to stay at the party last night”.

This was it. Fruity her first true words against her boss a.k.a. monster. Miss Glitter her first experience with an employee in the category of what she called ‘People to get rid off’. People with a voice and opinions. But this day she led it for what it was. It was enough for now. With all the alcohol inside, she had to survive the working day in a proper way.

To be continued…

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