(3.6) Miss Glitter and the weekend plans

schermafbeelding-2016-11-02-om-12-49-00By Lilian van Ooijen / The Fantasy Isle

The weekend after Miss Glitter spend the night with P., her husband’s family invited them to a family occasion: a camping weekend with the purpose of getting all closer.

For Miss Glitter, this could not be a more worse timing. Unfortunately she created the situation herself, by forgetting that night with P. about her upcoming weekend.

Not only she felt way too uncomfortable to spend so much time with her husbands family right now, there were more reasons to be not pleased.

Only glamour for the scouts leader
Miss Glitter only liked glamorous things, not only during work, also in her spare time. Camping was nothing glamorous at all. She did it in her youth many times. In fact, she was one of the leaders of the Girl Scouts back in the days. Yeah, she was all in mud every weekend back then. But that was a secret, she never told people. Even her husband did not knew.

She met him, after she made the drastic change of being all glittering. The funny thing was, that she chose a guy who had the same background in camping and scouting. In the beginning, he often told her how surprised he was about the fact that they could get along so well, even though they had not many similarities.

The hidden similarities
Than she smiled softly to her man. Lying felt better to her than being honest. But every time when she had to go camping against her will, with him or his family, she had to act like she did not know anything about camping: she had to protect her survival knowledge. It would not have been cool, if they found out that Miss Glitter was actually comfortable in the woods. No, she had another image now. The image of the glamorous, rich and fancy wife, the one that never gets dirty.

Leaving early
On friday Miss Glitter and her husband would leave for the trip. Her husband called her during the lunch break to tell that it would have been great if she would leave work earlier than usual, so that the whole family could have dinner together as a start of the weekend. Miss Glitter got nauseous while receiving this message. “I am not so hungry”, she said to her man. “Well, maybe you are later my dear,” he responded. But Miss Glitter did not wanted to be hungry at all. “I can see what I can do,” she said. She did not had the guts to wipe his question off. Like she never could. She always followed his demands.

P. as a symbol of wealth
It was exactly what drove her into the arms of P. It was great for her to be with a guy who looked up to her, someone who appreciated her glamorous side, as much as she did herself.

P. was still in town. Right after the phone call of her husband, P. send a message to her phone: “Hot lady, ready for a romantic dinner?”. P. had got extra money from his mother because he told her that he was robbed. Of course, this was not the case. But he spend too much money on champagne the other day, that he could not afford food the next days. Because mommi was all generous, she gave him $ 500 and told him to be careful, the poor little guy.

P. never learned how to handle money properly so with receiving the money, his plans for doing something expensive started right away. He would take care of money worries later. Life was not meant to be worrying, he often told himself. People should lived it day to day in his opinion. It was likely that his mother thought about this topic differently, but yeah, she wanted his son to be happy.

Miss Glitter got headache from the situation she was in right now. She wanted to jump into P. his bronzed arms. She wanted to be fancy all weekend, with a hot young guy besides her and on top of her.

Aunt Annie and the teachings
So she tried gently with the good old excuse of being sick. “Honey, I am not feeling very well. You go camping please, I see you on monday”, is what she started with. “You promised,” the husband answered, “and by the way: aunt Annie is going to learn you how to make a camp fire. Remember?”

Oh crap, Miss Glitter had gladly forgotten about that. Aunt Annie, the self absorbed woman in the family, who looked almost as rich as Miss Glitter, so Miss Glitter hated her from the first minute she saw her. Aunt Annie was always teaching everyone, everything. Miss Glitter never participate in the learning stuff, so she got natural into trouble because aunt Annie never took ‘no’ for an answer. The worst part was, that aunt Annie was not even a real family member of her husband. It was also not even an aunt, because she was only a few years older than Miss Glitter and she did not had any children. Aunt Annie was the new wife of her husband’s brother. And to feel welcomed in the family, the other members called her ‘aunt’. The weirdest thing, but aunt Annie seemed to be very happy with this description. Miss Glitter hated the name, because it made Annie more than she actually deserved.

Husband’s view
“But I know already how to make a campfire dear”, was what she was dying to say, but she knew she shouldn’t speak out, it would have caused new troubles. So she said: “You can make campfires babe, that’s more than enough.”

But the husband refused. He was not okay with Miss Glitter being dismissed at the family weekend, for several reasons. He did not trusted Miss Glitter being alone in New York, also he did not trusted himself being alone in the presence of Aunt Annie. The woman was too attractive to ignore, and she reminded him of Miss Glitter. Also he was looking forward to having sex with Miss Glitter in a tent. This could become very exciting.

“No, no, no excuses this time,” he spoke severe. “You are coming with me, you promised, and the family is counting on your attendance.”

The moment the husband said this, P. send another message to Miss Glitter: “I am looking forward to see you naked”. Miss Glitter was not used to texts like this, due to the fact that her husband would never send something like this. It was probably the new generation P. was in, she assumed, but she liked this fearless attitude he had. Miss Glitter never had troubles being naked, so she was very ready to see P. But she was afraid to do it and to skip the camping weekend with that. Seeing P. could just not happen right now. And she hated it.

“Ok, I am coming,” she said to her husband. And so they went..

To be continued…

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