(3.7) Postponing the survival

schermafbeelding-2016-11-02-om-12-49-41By Lilian van Ooijen / The Fantasy Isle

It was friday, 6 PM. Miss Glitter was organizing her desk to get ready for leaving the office. She was drowning in self pity by the thought of having to go camping this weekend. The whole afternoon she tried to slow down her activities in order to be as late as possible for the family dinner that night. Her husband called her multiple times to check her status. He packed her suitcase. No glitter was involved.

After Miss Glitter lacked a response to P. his text early this day, she did not received new phone calls or texts from him. This annoyed her a lot. He probably already hooked up with another woman, Miss Glitter assumed.

Fruity Estelle walked by. She was talking on the phone. It sounded like a good conversation. Miss Glitter did hear Fruity say: “That’s so sweet of you, thank you”. Miss Glitter instantly figured that she was calling with Carlos. No romance was allowed in front of Miss Glitter, so she walked towards Fruity and shouted: “Stop calling, this is a work place. Talking to lovers is something pathetic people do.” Fruity still had a smile on her face.
“Sure,” she said without any facial expression, “Since we are talking about love right now: did you slept with my friend P. that night in the Palace Hotel? I heard P. had a great suite over there.”
“I cannot remember anything of that nonsense you’re talking about. I was with a girlfriend”, Miss Glitter said.
“Oh, you mean you were too drunk to remember a one-night-stand? It happens to the best of us”, Fruity looked right in the eyes of Miss Glitter while blinking her eyes rapidly. She was not terrified of her boss. Miss Glitter was not used to this side of Fruity. This confident happy and aggressive behaviour.
“A romance? P. adores me, we all know that and you saw it yourself. But for your information, I am a married woman”, Miss Glitter showed her wedding ring to Fruity. Fruity did not gave it much attention.
She thought of this as a delightful conversation. It almost felt like Miss Glitter was defending herself.
“But, we all have to call you miss. That is kind of a funny contradiction, isn’t it?” Miss Glitter her head began to sweat and her face now had the frozen appearance of a mummy. “Well, I better go back to work,” Fruity walked away. This was a bad day for Miss Glitter. “Wait,” Miss Glitter spoke strictly, “give me your cell phone. This is after all a work phone meant for work calls. I am going to check your calls, and I will come back to you. When the bill is outrageous, you are in trouble lady.” Miss Glitter felt good again. Fruity gave her the phone and was pissed. She had called Carlos multiple times the last few days. And now he would not be able to reach her anymore. During the damn weekend.

A few minutes later Miss Glitter was in the cab, towards the woods of Saratoga Springs. She refused to go with her own car or with a Amtrak train. The cab driver was oke with the situation. He was pleased to drive somewhere else than airports or hotels for once. Miss Glitter was not talking to the man. The only thing she did for hours was keeping her eye on her glitter phone. No messages whatsoever. Suddenly the phone rang. Miss Glitter was in shock. Would this be P.? No. It was the husband saying: “We are eating chicken wings right now, they are delicious. Are you close? I already had some beers, so I am afraid picking you up is going to be none of the options.” Miss Glitter began to feel sick. Why did she came here in the first place? Chicken wings? Beer? Where was her sushi, her sake and her salades? “You know I don’t like chicken wings.”
The husband did not answer to this. He said: “If you want, aunt Annie can pick you up when you are close. Are you close?”

“No not so close. Still a two hours drive with the cab,” Miss Glitter responded. “Oke, great. She will wait for you at the beginning of the camping. With her dog.”

Miss Glitter was kind of surprised. The husband did not say anything about her coming late. Also he sounded like he had much fun without her. She did not know how to place this. Was it a good thing? Although she hated the fact that she did not matter too much to him right now, it made him a little more interesting than before. But still, the only thing she desired was to connect with P.

Keep reading as the story continues.

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