(3.8) Morning coffee

CIMG5881By Lilian van Ooijen / The Fantasy Isle

The next morning, Miss Glitter jumped out of the tent. She was wearing pink hot-pants and her hair was like an exciting roller coaster. Or maybe more like complicated spiderweb. The night had been terrible. Not in her head, but physical. It was too cold to wear hot-pants but she refused to wear termo underwear like her husband did. It would not look too well on her. The husband felt asleep quickly after he placed his head on the pillow. He was too drunk to have an intimate night with her.

Now the morning finally arrived, Miss Glitter was more than happy to leave the tent behind. It was time to shine again.

Delightful and confident as she always was, Miss Glitter walked a little bit around. She was not aware of the fact that she was not shining at all with her looks. Maybe this had something to do with the text message she got in the previous night, around 1 AM. It was P. who asked her where she was. Miss Glitter immediately accepted the message as a way of P. to show her that he was in love with her. He texted her just a couple of 10 hours later than the last one, so this had to be true love. The thought of this made Miss Glitter laugh. P. was in love with her, and she did not even thought of him for a moment, the poor guy. He was just a play toy for her. But yeah, she understood his opinion very well. After all, she was quite attractive. And also a successful business woman. And sweet as candy.

After the text message, she texted him back quickly. She wrote: “No I am at a luxury spa for work this weekend. But I will be available for night calls. If you know what I mean.”

Miss Glitter walked towards the sanitary area which she did not reach, because in the front, she saw a lady sitting and drinking coffee. Miss Glitter was pleased to see coffee around her. The lady her looks were alright, good enough to have a conversation with. And she probably was around 18 years old: a safe age for Miss Glitter. These girls did not have much character yet. It was easy to be a boss around them.

“Hi,” said Miss Glitter with a sweet smile, something you barely saw on her face. The girl just looked at her, without saying anything. “I like your coffee, can I have some?” Miss Glitter was never afraid to ask. ‘The power of asking’: it was well-written in her head.
“Uhm,” the girl said. She did not looked like she was looking forward to have coffee with Miss Glitter so she turned away for a moment. But then she said: “Well, alright, have a seat. I am Penny.” Penny did not mentioned anything about the hair of Miss Glitter. She was at the age to laugh about it with her friends afterwards.

An hour later the husband was awake and he was looking for Miss Glitter. Aunt Annie had made some coffee for the family and with the husband’s mum, dad and brother they were all together. Ready to drink some of that black mess. But the husband was always very lazy so he did not feel like really searching for Miss Glitter. He was more the type to call her name a few times out loud and to leave it there then.

So after he did this without getting the right results, the husband walked to the sanitary area. Only because he had to pee himself. Suddenly his eye fell on the appearance of Miss Glitter, who was sitting next to a young blond girl. “Wife!” he said angry. “I searched all over for you, we are having coffee with the family and I want you there right now.”
Miss Glitter and Penny did not felt really interrupted. So they moved forward with the conversation. Miss Glitter just told Penny about P. because she figured that this young lady would appreciated a little girls talk.

The husband was still standing there. Tere were certain rules inside the marriage of Miss Glitter. So she knew she had to say something to please her man. “Coming later honey”, she answered. “What is later? The family coffee is happening right now”, he said. He didn’t sound very friendly at this moment. “Yeah sure, coming soon.” Miss Glitter said. She was way too comfortable at her place right now to leave on the demands of a strange man. “I don’t know this guy”, she whispered towards the girl, like she was sixteen. “But you just spoke to him,” Penny responded. Miss Glitter did not saw any emotional expression on the face of Penny. “I do that all the time, getting to know some people here you know.” Now Miss Glitter sounded like a gangster. Penny was not so interested in Miss Glitter her life so she just started drinking her coffee again. The husband was gone.

“So what do you think of this P. guy? Shall I call him right now?” Miss Glitter asked the girl with a smiling face. “Yeah, ask him to come over here.”, Penny said. Miss Glitter could not refuse this idea. It was marvellous. Her husband was here too, but this was not the moment to tell the girl. And of course, as a great boss she could deal with the situation of two of her lovers in the same area. So, “Great idea,” Miss Glitter said.

Keep reading, as the story continues.

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