(3.9) Call in the woods


By Lilian van Ooijen / The Fantasy Isle

Remember Miss Glitter and Penny (the girl she met in the restrooms) talking about inviting P. to the camping place? Well… Miss Glitter was really excited about that plan. Of course. But the next two days had been very busy for her.

She usually followed the path of (her husbands) expectations when it came to cleaning. Right now it was not a house, it was a tent. Still there were plenty of things to do. Especially because her husband made a lot of trash because he ate a lot of food, almost every hour.  Miss Glitter her only luck was that there was a whole family of her husband, with women who loved to take care of her husband too. But to make things clear: she hadn’t find the time yet to walk into the woods, for a good private call with P. 

The sudden call
Suddenly, the phone rang in the tent of Miss Glitter and her husband. The noise came out of the pink bag of Miss Glitter. The one she took often to work with her. At that moment, Miss Glitter was not around. The husband was. He was drinking coffee with his family. Miss Glitter mentioned a few minutes earlier, that she was taking a shower and that it would cost a long, long time. For once, the husband thought it would be smart to let her do it. He would have several options left, to force her into activities that she did not like.

The husband decided to relieve his family from the noise, by picking up the ringing phone. It was probably something for Miss Glitter her work, he assumed. A woman was on the other side of the line. The husband did not knew her yet. It was Bessy. “Hi dear,” the woman said. The husband was instantly confused. “It’s me,” he said, “not someone else”. And then he had to laugh because this sounded quite funny. “Who?”, the natural response was. It was a very soft voice the best man heard.
“Who I am talking to?”, the voice asked.
“With Mr. sir. Gerobald Jr. Sr. Kawalski,”  the answer was.
“Ah, ok. Is Miss Glitter there? Sir Kwalski?”, Bessy asked polite.
“Unfortunately not, so can I help you?” The husband was never willing to help. But this time, the voice sounded so lovely, he would have felt sorry for himself if he hang to phone too early.
“Well, it’s kind of private sir. But send me my love please. And, uhm, can you maybe tell me when she will be back at the office?”
“That will be soon, my darling”, the husband said with a low and strict voice.
“Ok…” Bessy did not really knew what to say anymore.
“Well, I wish you a lovely day then.”
“Thank you my friend. Hopefully I see you soon”, he said.
Bessy was a little surprised by this comment, but she was ok with it. At least someone of the Glitter family seemed to be nice to her. That was a pleasant experience.
The two ended the short, but lovely conversation and the husband threw the phone back on the bed where the couple slept every night.

Shower talk
More than an hour later, Miss Glitter came out of the shower in the big building. She felt sexy and fresh. The best moment at the camping site so far. When she walked towards the way out, she saw the girl from two days before: Penny.

Penny had a new friend. Miss Glitter looked jealous at how the two girls had the most fun. Suddenly she didn’t felt so good anymore. She was a lot older and these girls looked so freaking hot. But with her head up high, she passed them.

“Wait,” a voice said. It was Penny. She definitely saw Miss Glitter walking there. “I bet you didn’t dare to do it, right?” Penny said with a mean smile on her face.
“Doing what?” Miss Glitter asked. She was planning to act like she did not knew this little annoying kid.
“Having sex with your lover of course” The two girls laughed out loud now and looked like they had even more fun.
“That is none of your business little ugly kid.” Miss Glitter responded.
“Show him here and I believe you did it. I bet you can’t show him.”
“Bitch”, was the only thing Miss Glitter could say.
She walked away angry. The two girls only laughed a little louder now.

Phone alone
Back at the tent, Miss Glitter was still in her angry mood. Seeing her own phone laying on the shared inflatable bed, did not made things better. “WHAT did you do to my phone?” Miss Glitter shouted to the husband who was laying calm on the bed, reading a magazine.
“Nothing lady. Nothing at all.” He said, while continuing the reading.
“Well, well. What a bless. I am so out of here.”
Miss Glitter her face was all read now, and the facial peeling she had put on while showering did not help her look very attractive at the moment.
“That’s fine, honey. Bring me a fresh soda when you come back please”, the husband said. He had no problem at all. He even smiled a little.

Miss Glitter came out of the tent now. Still with the towel in her hair and her shorts on. But she did not care. In her hand was a phone and the phone was going to be used. She knew exactly what to do right now.

To be continued

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