(3.10) Double romance

IMG_5833klBy Lilian van Ooijen / The Fantasy Isle

It was 9 A.M. when Miss Glitter slowly left her tent. Her husband was still a sleep, because he had too many beers the night before. That was exactly the point: Miss Glitter needed a very tired man.

She walked towards the sanitary area with all necessary equipment with her. Not only was she bringing a nice striped dress, she also wore sunglasses to protect her from terrifying young, female creatures. Her phone was in her bag as well. She wanted to be available for expected or unexpected phone calls. A few days ago, she had been insecure about her feelings for P. and the talk she had with that person Penny. This was a totally different day. She was preparing for some real business. Proud she was, of this resolute behavior of hers.

Thirty minutes later, Miss Glitter walked out of the sanitary area with the striped dress on. She was right on time to walk towards the entrance of the campsite. Which was on a save distance, far away from the place she was staying with her husbands family.

A beautiful melody sounded out of Miss Glitters bag. She knew right away who it was… “Oh hi dear! Almost there!”, she said immediately after picking up. “Almost where?” The surprised voice sounded. It was the voice of a familiair man: Miss Glitter her husband.

“Eh honey, you stay in bed for a while. I am almost at the grocery shop. I have a lot to buy!”
“Sure,” the voice said. He did not cared at all. Miss Glitter never lied too much to her husband, because he was too smart. But this time, he was probably too tired or too wasted to think any further.

Just seconds after she hang up, the right call came her way. “Hi,” a low voice said. “Hi,” Miss Glitter responded like a sweet little girl. With a very high and feminine voice she added: “I am so ready for you, I am on my way to give you the time of your life”. “Aha”, P. answered. His answers were always short. Miss Glitter was aware of that.

Hot Bessy line
The only thing she wasn’t aware of, was that at the same time she walked towards P., her husband made another phone call: with a lovely girl named Bessy. He knew that his wife was not around for a few hours. A perfect time for a little cheesy talk with the sweet girl. He was laying in bed after all and his family was gone for a walk in the nature. He had been too late to join them. The family would blame Miss Glitter afterwards for their absence, and that was not a problem at all for the husband. Rather perfect.

Forrest catch up
Finally Miss Glitter reached the end station of her plans. It was P. standing in front of her, looking hotter than ever with a white tight shirt and short jeans. They kissed immediately after seeing each other. P. knew his way around women since he was straight and Miss Glitter definitely was educated when it came to sensuality. So it was not a surprise that a short while after the first kiss, the two grown ups were laying naked in the grass between two big trees in the forrest. It was not difficult for other people to see what happened there. But Miss Glitter as usual couldn’t mind at all. She was a business woman with too many things on her mind to be busy with what other people would thought of her. Her priority was to do things with this P. guy, right now, right here.

P. and Miss Glitter did not talked. They only kissed and let things happen. They both knew were they came for. And they enjoyed it very much. Half an hour later the event was over and both persons were happy and satisfied. “So, now you can leave.” Miss Glitter said full of self-esteem to P. “You are funny”, P. said with a smile on his face. “I was never called funny,” Miss Glitter seriously responded. “Well, ok then.” P. said, still smiling. “Take care at the ride back,” Miss Glitter added, now a little nervously touching her hair. P. his face was now very close to Miss Glitters face, which was covered in a hell lot of make-up. “So you want me to leave? Really?” He said like a real don juan. Miss Glitter was in doubt with herself. P. was a good company, she admitted.

At this moment something strange happened. A girl walked by. A very attractive girl it was. “Penny!” Miss Glitter shouted it enthusiastically. “I have a nice offer for you,” she said, while walking towards the young woman. “Listen.” The two whispered for a couple of minutes. Then they laughed like P. had never seen Miss Glitter before, and they both walked back to P. “You can stay for a while,” Miss Glitter said with her most possible happy face to the male figure she just had sexual intercourse with.


To be continued…. 

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