(3.11) The end of the weekend

Copyright photo: Lilian van Ooijen

By Lilian van Ooijen / The Fantasy Isle

The first day P. walked around the campsite was not the last day for Miss Glitter to take part in the family weekend. No, she played her cards very well and made it happen that P. – an unfamiliar man to the family – was joining the family every day since then, followed by his fake girlfriend Penny, who apparently knew very well how to act. Miss Glitter was very proud of herself. Now she could have the time of her life and there was no need to talk serious with her husband about it. Penny looked like she had a great time too, Miss Glitter did not knew why exactly, but it was ok.

At some private moments, for instance in the restrooms, Miss Glitter and P. could grab their chances. P. was happy with all the attention he got from women this weekend. What Miss Glitter didn’t knew, was that at the same time P. was doing cozy things with the girl Penny. But, Miss Glitter preferred to think in outlines, and the essence was that she and P. could have some permitted fun together. Her heart melted when he got her in his arms. Of course she appreciated her husband too, but that was a different story.

The dog
There was only one striking thing in all the days the happy group of people spend together in and around beautiful nature: a dog. Miss Glitter saw all the time a dog who she really liked. It was from aunt Annie but Miss Glitter had never seen this woman with an animal. She looked too clean to really be involved with creatures like that. The dog himself behaved like he had never seen such a great lady as Miss Glitter, something Miss Glitter could understand very well. The dog always jumped towards Miss Glitter and seemed happy to see her. It made Miss Glitter think of her own lost dog for some seconds every now and then, but then she quickly moved to other subjects in her head: the adorable P. for instance.

While Miss Glitter was very busy with her love affaire with P., she lost track of more than one thing at the camping place. It was aunt Annie who sometimes sat on the legs of Miss Glitter her husband. Also aunt Annie and Miss Glitter her husband had been walking the dog every day, and they had more activities together. Also, Miss Glitter didn’t noticed that the phone, which belonged to Fruity Estelle, was still in the tent. She had not looked at it since she took it away from her colleague.

After four days of joy, happiness and affection the weekend was over. Miss Glitter packed her handbag – without Fruity her phone – and said goodbye to her husbands family and to Penny. She was glad that the weekend was over and that everything turned out well for her.

“You go with your own plane, dear”, Miss Glitter said to P.
“What do you mean?”, P. asked confused, “I came with the Amtak and your husband too I think. Can’t I travel with you two?”
“Well, you did what you came for, which was a great. But now I will continue my own life in my personal suite in first class, if you don’t mind,”  she said.
“That’s harsh”, P. said. Although he knew he wasn’t quite a angel when it came to true love.
“Yeah I know.” Miss Glitter said it with no emotional expression on her face. She just did not give a fuck. Her weekend had been great. Now she wanted to go back to work.
“Well, oke then…”, he responded, so sad as he could. He wasn’t sad at all. He had sexual activities all the weekend long and with two gorgeous women, so there was actually nothing to complain about. But to Miss Glitter, he wanted to look sincere. It didn’t work. Miss Glitter did not pay attention to P. anymore. She took a look into her own little mirror and then said to her husband: “Honey, let’s go.”

To be continued…

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