(3.12) When it was quiet again


By Lilian van Ooijen / The Fantasy Isle

As you can imagine, Miss Glitter was a bit tired of her exciting weekend the next Tuesday when she turned back to work. Her regular place in the building was a fancy corner, with a glittering touch. She did not even had her own private office. Although it was shameful to her, it was handy at the same time. This way she could hear her staff talk about nonsense. Which was far more easy to point out without walls. And of course, these people never had an escape with Miss Glitter. Even the restrooms were not a safe place, because she was always everywhere.

It was going to be a hell of a Tuesday. But Miss Glitter was not aware of that when she started working at 10 A.M. It began with Fruity Estelle who was dying for her phone. The whole weekend she had laid on her couch, alone in her New York apartment, because she couldn’t reach her lover Carlos. Tissues were all over the place, because she drawn in self-pity in the fear of losing Carlos to someone else, and in worst case, to Miss Glitter. But Miss Glitter was not interested at all in Carlos. Miss Glitter didn’t even remember that she took Fruity her phone. Busy she was the last days, with her own double love life.

Fruity her phone
“Hi, good morning”. Fruity smiled, when she stood in front of Miss Glitter her desk. Who was not responding, while she just put up some nail polish, glitters of course.
“Hi?” Fruity repeated.
“Yeah what?” Miss Glitter gave Fruity a look as if she saw a bad insect.
“Yeah my phone,” Fruity did not feel like chit-chatting about the previous weekend or something like that. She came here with a reason. And the reason was her phone.
“I cannot call anyone, I mean business contacts, without my cell phone”, she explained.
Miss Glitter looked a bit glassy for a minute, as if she saw something more interesting somewhere behind Fruity Estelle at the moment. Then she stepped away from her office chair and walked around. For a moment it looked like she was starting to make a call with her cell phone, but then she opened her bag in the windowsill. When she turned backwards to Fruity, who was waiting patiently, she had a phone in her hand, which was likely to be from Fruity.

“Oh yes!” Fruity couldn’t hide her enthusiasm about what she saw.
“Quiet”, said Miss Glitter demanding. “Listen to me. You will never have private phone calls again with this phone. Or I will fire you. Goodbye.”
Fruity took the phone out of Miss Glitters hands and kept in her both hands as if it was a precious diamond. But before she walked away she needed to say one word. Because she wanted to be the lost one to say something. “Thank you, Miss Glitter. I appreciate your professional way of dealing with this. Of course I will always be honest and sincere in this company.”
“Oh shut up”, Miss Glitter responded.
Fruity walked away. She felt stupid and happy at the same time. What she had worked on the last months was gone, but, her phone was back! And it looked like Miss Glitter hadn’t deleted any of her contacts or messages.

Uninvited guests
Then, at 2 P.M. another person was walking into Miss Glitter her office. Or in fact, two persons. Hand in hand. It was P., but with Penny, which was unexpected for Miss Glitter, since she answered ‘yes’, to her assistant to let P. in, not Penny. “Hi there!”, the two shouted happily.
“What are you doing here?”, Miss Glitter asked Penny severe. But then she realized she had to be a little nicer, because after all Penny had been acting flexible in the previous weekend, to let Miss Glitter enjoy two men at the same time. However, Miss Glitter couldn’t give a f*ck about Penny her feelings. The weekend was over. And the plan was to see this annoying pretty girl never again.

“Just must have a fever to walk around like this,” she said staring at Penny her slightly covered body. “No, I don’t,” Penny reacted.
“Well, well, what is the plan?”, Miss Glitter asked Penny, while giving P. long kiss on the mouth. She didn’t care if her employees saw her, or if Penny would get mad, because after all P. was her own private second love.
“We are here for a reason.” Penny said.
“Yes, and. I don’t have all day. In fact, I don’t have time for you at all Penny.”
“We came to tell you that we are going to babysit for your aunt’s dog.”
Penny showed Miss Glitter a photo, with the dog.
“You think I don’t know my own aunt’s dog?”, she said annoyed.
“Yes, but I thought just to be sure”, Penny said.
“Well, thank you for your message little girl, you can go now”, Miss Glitter said. Penny immediately turned her back to Miss Glitter and walked back to the elevator. But P. was after her.
“No, no P. you can stay.” Miss Glitter said quickly, while grabbing P. his arm.
“No, sorry I will go with Penny.” P. said. “Penny and I are having a relationship now.”
“Since when, YESTERDAY?” Miss Glitter asked. While getting terribly angry inside.
“Yes, since yesterday.” P. answered. He was too stupid to understand how weird it was, Miss Glitter realized. “Well, fuck you both. I wish you two a STD, bye.” Miss Glitter said, while pushing her uninvited guests towards the elevator.


Dog alert
Miss Glitter went to work again. At 5 P.M. , just when she thought this day was almost over, the phone rang. It was a phone number Miss Glitter didn’t recognize. “Well, hello my dearest Glitter”, a woman said. “I am here to tell you a very good thing.”
“Who am I talking to?” Miss Glitter asked. The voice sounded familiar but she couldn’t address it.
“That doesn’t matter my friend,” the voice said.
“What matters it that I found your dog.”
“What dog?” Miss Glitter asked. She wanted to be sure, she was on the same page with this woman.
“Your dog I said, stupid.” The voice answered.
“Alright.” Miss Glitter said. She was madly confused, but would do anything to see her little sweetie pie again. “Where can I pick him up?”, she asked.
“Tonight at midnight. You can see your dog in the front of a bagel shop, near Central Park. I will text you the exact address,” the voice said.
“Well. Ok then.” Miss Glitter said quietly, which was very rare behavior for her at the office. The other person hung up.


To be continued….

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