(4.1) A new time zone

Copyright photo: Lilian van Ooijen

By Lilian van Ooijen / The Fantasy Isle

It was a few weeks since Miss Glitter picked up her little doggie at a restaurant in Manhattan. This was a confusing moment for Miss Glitter. Suddenly she stood in front of her own little sugar pie. Who’s presence she was missing so deeply.

Money you
She had to admit: the unknown person who gave it to her was a bit weird. First of all it was a man, instead of a woman. This meant that the phone call prior to the appointment, was from a different person: a woman. Second thing was the words that came out of his mouth.

He said: “You’re so money” to begin with. Miss Glitter answered with a polite “Thank you” because she knew he made her a compliment. She was able to translate some New York slang, thanks to the years she was living in the Bronx, a long time ago. This was one of her secrets and she preferred to keep it that way. She would never openly admit that she was able to talk so non ladylike. But this time was an exception, an emergency after all. The man is face was now filled with sad and non happy expressions. He continued with the sentence: “Money pays the bills.”
“True,” Miss Glitter answered with a smile. She surprisingly agreed with this mysterious dog delivery service, who she did not knew at all. Then the man showed her his wallet. It was empty. “Poor you.” Miss Glitter said. She was never a supportive person, but this time she felt like it was smart to show her soft side.

“Is 300 Dollar enough to pay your bills?”, she asked while keeping an eye on the dog, who was now in the arms of the man. It almost looked like a cuddle, but no, no it wasn’t. And the man said yes, quite quickly. She gave him the dollar bills right away, because she was always on the road with a lot of cash money. She hated it to use debit or credit cards. The bank didn’t need to know everything she did. She took the dog with her and drove back in her car. She did not think about the man ever again.

New world
Now, as I pointed out, it was a few weeks later and Miss Glitter just arrived in a new area of the world: Europe. In her youth she had been to Paris once, but she never went back. But yesterday her husband said that he would go to Italy for some business meetings. Miss Glitter was not invited yet, but decided to go with him. Because of her own love affairs, she wondered if her husband was trust worthy. Perhaps he was secretly going to sleep with an Italian girl there, and this was absolutely not what should happen. So she left the office quickly, told Bessy to take care of the incoming phone calls and that Fruity had to clean her desk. Bessy said yes and promised to inform Fruity Estelle about her task.

While in the plane, Miss Glitter had a day dream about an Italian male lover. That would be great for her since P. was totally out of the picture, the moment the camping weekend was over. For weeks she had been all alone, at least with no other man than her husband.

Now she was at a beautiful house on the hills of Italy and couldn’t believe a place like this could actually exist. She decided to take a swim in the pool. For a moment, everything seemed peaceful.

But not for long.

To be continued..

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